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Pool Party - Pool Inspection


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Welcome to the Pool Inspection thread !!!!




Here we will discuss our favorite or most hated pools :biggrin:



What do you like or hate to see in a pool ?



What scares you ?



What are the pools that you have already tested ?

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you went in that pool in WINTER ???


it must be so cooooold ! O.O

It's a hot spring chae. The waters like 104 degrees Fahrenheit year round. It's a natural hot tub.


It's such a beautiful thing, especially when it well below 0 degrees.

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I don't like seeing dead bugs in the pools too. They gross me out.


I enjoy swimming in the pool when its raining. The noises it makes when the water hits the pool when youre swimming is relaxing lol

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So long as it's not a bear, you're fine Thane :biggrin:


Not fond of the bugs in pool, unless it's one or two because it'll happen. I loved the fact that when I went to Cuba, they had a bar in the pool and you could sit at it if you wished. Unfortunately I was underage when we went :sad:

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Now, what I don't like is to go to a hotel that has sea water pools lol :tongue:

I like to play underwater... and well, it's impossible to do so if the water is too salty XD


Just like here in Greece v




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My favourite pool I've actually swam in:


Glenwood Hot Springs, Colorado



Brigerbad, Switzerland



The pool I MOST want to go to:


San Alfonso Del Mar, Chile


I don't like pools that are too cold or are crowded, especially crowded with small children. I really like hot springs pools. The worst pool I've ever been in is Thunder Bay at Waterworld...it's basically a giant wet mosh pit. 



Oh, and I LOVE water slides.

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OMG i love that last one Shad !



Went to this one last year (@ Disneyland Paris)





I'd like to try that one in Passenger 's spaceship



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