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Week of the Greats - Test your movie knowledge! (quiz)


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Throughout the week I will be posting various questions about movies. You can respond to them as they come, or all at once in the end. I need your responses by PM by the end of April 15th though, and I'll be announcing the winner on the 16th, so make sure you check back!



1. What is the highest grossing movie of all time? (adjusted for inflation)


2. Who was the highest paid actor in 2016?


3. And who was the highest paid actress?


4. About how many writing credits does Stephen King have on IMDB?

a) 123   b) 189 c) 232


5.Which movies have won the most Academy Awards, and how many have they won?

Max 4 points, 1 for each movie and 1 for the amount of awards
Remember, as always, NO GOOGLEFU!
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Hmmm . . . I have no idea for any of these!  To be honest, I don't follow stuff like what movie grossed the most, what the various actors get paid, etc.  :huh:

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