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Black Tower Mini Mafia [7 player game 1 player needed <3]


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Because of (expected) low numbers this will be an open setup roughly based on popcorn mafia :)


Game will be hybrid hammer, day 1 roughly 72 hours, otherwise 48


Kill each other nicely!





Game Setup


This is a variation of popcorn mafia


This game is nightless (mafia have no faction kill) and lynchless (instead of a lynch a townie is given a gun and shoots someone to end the day)


Pregame mafia decide a gunbearer (from amongst the town members). The gunbearer is announced and confirmed as town


Mafia will have 24 hour chat


There are 3 possible roles, the final setup will be announced when I run the game


Vanilla town

Mafia Goon

Vengeful Mafia


The gunbearer will have until deadline to choose a player to shoot:

  • If they shoot a member of town, the gunbearer will die and the person shot at will be the new gunbearer
  • If they shoot a mafia goon, they live and get to shoot again
  • If they shoot a vengeful mafia, both the mafia and the gunbearer will die
  • If they don't shoot they will die and the mafia pick a new gunbearer

Welcome to the game, you are a Vanilla Town

You win when all mafia have been eliminated

Welcome to the game, you are a Mafia Goon/Vengeful

You win when all town except the gunbearer are dead

You may chat with your teammates at any time here and must choose a gunbearer amongst the living town



1. Niniel

2. Leyrann

3. Dice

4. Ironeyes

5. Nyn

6. DPR

7. Turin




Lets do this!

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Awesome :)


I'll give it a few days, I'd rather not compete with Kaylee as she's been waiting a while to fill, but if anyone's a member of Shayol Ghul and wants to advertise there?

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dice is gonna be super excited too. He's like DPR's #1 fan girl.



Can we start the game today maybe? >.>

Counting you and DPR, that's six, so let's pull in one more person and we're set



I wonder what it would take to get Turin or Ithi (or both!) to play...

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