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  1. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    All shall fall.
  2. Myra

    Same as Ithi. I know what it feels like kid and the same offer is on the table. I have such short patience for that kind of thinking. lol Every time I hear someone say 'I trust you I just don't trust everyone else' I want to pull my hair out. If you trust your partner that's all that matters. You're not stunned powerless and unable to think if someone hits on you. 'Hey, you're cute. Can i buy you a drink?' "oh no! I am now completely under this person's control and unable to think for myself. Whatever shall I do?! I must now sleep with them. If only I had listened to my partner". GTFOOH. lol That's just some insecure guilt and maybe some envy . . . . . . . just sayin . . . . . . Good luck lady.
  3. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    I am as unstoppable as time itself.
  4. tsk tsk tsk. So selfish. . . . . .
  5. Myra

  6. Millon

    I'm awesome? duhhhhh
  7. January 2018 Roll Call

    Goals? Keep my tiny human alive another year and into preschool. I really want to get my D&D campaign goin. . . . somehow. . . .or the missus is gonna be real ticked at the money spent already. lol I mean, more pissed, cause. . . well. . . . never Amazon while drinking kids.
  8. Millon

    Me? Never. I am far too devious sincere to ever get up to any mischief.
  9. Back in the Saddle again!

    I'll take Dar's word for it. I can't see it. lol
  10. Right?! I don't understand how I got so lucky. I'm thinkin of a paternity test. Somethin doesn't seem right. He isn't . . . . trolly enough. . . .to be mine. IDK. I'll see. I agree with Ben. Pics or it didn't happen. So, . . . . . i gotta ask because, well, I'm a jerk that's why, but. . . . did Wolf cry? He did, didn't he? I could totally see it. And until he stops in here to defend himself I am goin to live the rest of my life imaginin him cryin. Tell him I said many good hellos and I have toasted to your two little one many a time.
  11. Back in the Saddle again!

    Do it again. Do it. DOOO EEEEET!!! *pokes with a stick*
  12. Back in the Saddle again!

  13. Welcome Back

    See? Todd gets me. I like Todd. I like you Todd. Thank you for being Todd. The Toddiest of Todds that have ever Todded. Todd
  14. Back in the Saddle again!

    I have a photobucket account?!?!
  15. Back in the Saddle again!

    I cant see them so, meh? I know nothing about sigs. At all. How to make them or how to even change it. I would like a new one. I think I am finally goin to start a thread to ask for a new sig. Then someone can tell me how to change it again.