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Different foods and drinks during different situations


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What do you eat during stressful times?


My favorite food to eat during stress time is gyro.

My favorite drink to drink during stress time in red bull

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Yes Jivenrah, no need to think that you can't contribute to this board.


Stress time is fruit juice, lemonade or any sweet drink and salty snack. Snacks are usually puffed rice or makhane (I don't know how it translates to English). Sweet snack too if I don't drink anything sweet.

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Well what about when you're happy or on your birthday?


I really don't have anything special. I'm not really the kind of person to go to the shop and get some food I like because of one reason or another, except maybe cheese (it's just so freaking delicious!). On my birthday, well, that depends, but not really the kind of things I'd otherwise never eat, just something I like or BBQ or something.

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Hi Talmanes! Good to see you!



There was an international food market in my little town last weekend. There was so much to choose from. After going some rounds I decided on a French dish with clams in a rocuefort sause. It was fun to try but wasn´t the best I´ve eaten. My daughter choose Thai food - chicken skewers and noodles. For desert we ate Belgian waffles with nutella and white chocolate. We had so much fun being at the market. Food can really make me happy!


The bad thing was that there were a lot of stuff that we had to skip of course. For a long time we were standing in front of the Australian hamburger place. They had hamburgers made of crocodile, kangaroo, zebra and other animals. We wanted to try one of them but we felt so unsure if we would like it or not. Afterwards we wondered if we had made the right choice. Have any of you (especially our Australians) eaten that and is it good or not?

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