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White Ajah Winter Carnival - The Amazing Race!


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*weaves a portal and transports the players to Alaska*



We've arrived Ladies and Gentleman!


In honor of the Medieval Menagerie for the 2016 Winter Carnival the Amazing Race will cover the Iditarod Course!




We will be following the southern route and you each have been assigned a fresh dogsled team!





The rules are simple!


1. Follow the rules & regulations of the WT&WG at all times.

2. We will start in Nome.

3. To advance to the next "pit stop" on the map you much be the first "MUSHER" to answer the question correctly.

4. The first one to reach Anchorage wins!


Any questions?


Please check in when you are ready to begin!




Elgee & Tina
Zander & Cory?


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1st place - Sooh - Anchorage WINNER!

2nd place - Elgee & Tina - Skwentna

3rd place - Shad - Anvik

4th place - Chae - Unalakleet

5th place - eternalangel - Elim

6th place - Pral - Safety

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Just waiting for Zander & Cory & eternalangel to check in and we will begin!


If not checked in by the time I get home from I will tart the race without them and they can try to catch up. *evilgrin* 

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We've waited long enough! Lets get this party started!


*The dog sled teams move into position and get ready for the start of the Amazing Race. Mushers are ready and anxious to begin, trying to keep the dogs calm and their own nerves. It's a long dangerous path to Anchorage Who will be victorious!?!?!?!*




*A cannon fires to start the race*


And their off!





Answer this question correctly and be the first to check in at the Safety point.


What is the official state sport of Alaska?

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Man, American sports is quite confusing !!


Ice Hockey?


Oh no....Pralaya's Huskies have taken her down the wrong path! Sorry no, it's not hockey.  :wink:


Sorry here and ready.


Better late than never my mamma used to say!

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Is the answer dog sledding?




Thank you, Rhea.


Dog Sledding is correct!!!  You move into first place and stop at the Safety to give your huskies a break and some treats!

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eternalangel takes the lead, followed closely by Pralaya and Tina/Elgee. 


It's starting to get dark! You'll want to find yourself in town soon!




Answer this question correctly and keep your team moving!
This arctic animal who can be found in parts of Alaska, Russia, Canada, Sweden, Norway and Greenland produces a strong odor to attract females for matting season. 
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Amazing! Chaelca has caught up and is tied in the lead! Musk Ox is correct!


Her Huskies need a nice little break and she needs to warm up. It's cold out there folks!



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The teams are off again and looking to gain some ground!


Answer this question to move your team!


How many times a year does the sun set and rise in the Arctic?

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