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Hello UK!!!

Turin Turambar

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1. Convince as many people as you can that UK should leave EU.

2. Do we need something else?

Oh I dunno ... I don't mind being in the EU. People have just got a bee in their bonnets about European migrants arriving and not working, which is fair enough. If they fix that - and just make it equal all over Europe, then that would make everyone more happy. I can't really complain about immigrants when I'm going to be marrying one lol.


5 points for 1 top tip.

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Oh it's not just the immigrants (that are actually ILLIGALLY in the EU because, as war refugees, they should, following international law, seek refugee in the FIRST safe country they come across, which happens to be Turkey. Turin, however, is a 100% legal migrant and on top of that used to the European culture (or one extremely similar)).


It's also the association treaty they want to sign with Ukraine. (MILITARY COOPERATION WITH A COUNTRY IN WAR WITH RUSSIA WTF)

It's also the attempts to join up with Erdogan. (who all but officially SUPPORTS FREAKING ISIS)

It's also the extremely undemocratic setup of the European Union. (who the FFFF do they answer to? Exactly. No one.)

It's also the way HUNDREDS OF EUROS disappear to other European countries PER HEAD in the richer countries. Not to mention 100% illegal additional levy's every year.




Seriously, give it five more years and we should call it Fourth Reich instead of European Union.

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