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I was hoping for a Pink Ajah


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I got this silly notion in my head that a Pink Ajah would have been a great addition to Tar Valon. Every Ajah had practical functions but one thing they forgot was to have fun.


I was thinking a Pink Ajah with the function of discovering ways to use the One Power for entertainment. I mean some of the Ter'angreal found had entertainment functions. An Ajah that existed solely for entertaining people using all the senses. 


Entertainment is also a subtle tool to control people. Just like how China used the theater to control the masses, entertainment can redirect anger, incite a rebellion, awaken people to realities or to misinformation. Other countries that used entertainment politically includes Greece, United Kingdom, Japan, Indonesia, etc. Practically every civilization has used songs, poetry and more to either boost morale or place leaders on pedestals.


Even USA, during the Vietnam war, sent bands to entertain their soldiers and maintain/boost morale. Philippines revolted in 1896 partly due to a book written by Jose Rizal. 


An Ajah that excelled in subtle control using entertainment would have blended right in a political hotbed of WoT.


RJ briefly touched on entertainment in his book series especially Luca's menagerie but that was it. Even Thom Merillin's position as a bard and skilled politician was downplayed to mere knife juggler and sweet talker. 

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Would be funny but I think the majority of Aes Sedai might consider that a frivilious use of the power.  Would also be hard to out do gleemen, fireworks, menagerie, etc.  The seanchan do use the power for fireworks but with as suspicious people are of  Aes Sedai I think many would just assume the Aes Sedai were up to something.  Before the LB I would think many would see it as a waste of the power, with the LB now over you might see more channelers possibly expanding out with things they try to use the power for.  You basically do have a few Ajah's who need a new purpose such as Green and Red.  Well Red I could see changing their purpose to simply hunting down those who misuse the power.

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An entertainment Ajah might emerge in the upcoming years.  Though I am not sure about what color it would have.


Green, they might assist the Aiel whenever the Aiel need to battle.  Also other current Ajahs; Gray in negotiations, Yellow in Healing (after battles), maybe Brown if the Aiel could not find certain knowledge elsewhere.


the Blue might be the most likely current Ajah to take up entertainment; because its old purpose seems closest to entertainment.

If Aes Sedia captured by the Seanchan escape or get released or get rescued, they might teach other Aes Sedia Sky Lights.

And at least 1 Aes Sedia seems to be married to an entertainer; Moiraine.



by the way, the Blue seems to be the most adaptable to any new purpose.

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According to the BWB:

Green - Battle ajah, primary goal is to hold themselves ready for Tarmon Gai'don.  Fierce fighters of shadowspawn.

Blue - Champion worthy causes (though worthy by Aes Sedai standards) and to promote justice.  Skilled at political maneuvering Blues are also able administrators.

Red - Protect the land from all men who can touch the true source.

Brown - Primary responsible for the procurment and preservation of the vast cache of books and scrolls which help make the tower library.

Yellow - Healing

Grey - Mediators, seeking harmony and consenus.

White - Questions of philosphy engross them, and the search for truth is their all-consuming passion.


Green to me seem the ones most likely to need a new purpose since it's not that they are seeking a fight, they primarily want to be ready for the last battle.  But they didn't necessarily want to just go out and get in a war, the three oaths could also restrict how useful they are in wars.  If you see the entertainment as political manipulation the Blue might fit the bill.

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Unless all the Shadowspawn dropped dead when Shayol Ghul closed, there will still be need for greens; though they didn't exactly wow at TG. No female version of arrows of fire, blossoms of fire, etc. so no secret weaves. We gate to see Androl be awesome but where were the secret weaves?

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Think RJ or maybe BS mentioned when the DO is  fully sealed away all the shadowspan die.  I might be wrong but thought I read that.


Also have to remember the Aes Sedai weren't really big on experimenting with weaves.  You saw how Nyn got yelled at when she made the severing repair weave.  With how dangerous experimenting  can be I just don't think many feel the risk is worth it.  And the ones who do know other stuff many times don't share it.  The Aes Sedai seem pretty set in their ways. 

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a number of the Sitters experimented with weaves during the search for Mesaana.


not sure how all Shadowspawn would die if the Dark One gets fully sealed.  He seemed involved in the creation of Trollocs and Myrddraal; but am not sure about Him being involved in the creation of the others.

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"think rj or maybe bs mentioned when the do is fully sealed away all shadowspawn  die".

rand speculated about this before he went to shayol ghul,however,he referred specifically to

trollocs"once trollocs had not scoured the land.they could return to that state.if rand killed

the dark one would it happen immediately?"

so rand wasn't completely sure what would happen to trollocs afterwards.

post last battle,perrin was still worried about hostilities"he looked for guards.someone here

had to be levelheaded enough to worry about a rogue myrddraal or draghkar taking the

opportunity to try for a little revenge".

yet,there wasn't any evidence of skirmishes at thakan'dar valley nor at the field of merrilor

(moghedien excluded,but she was human not shadowspawn).

this topic appears inconclusive one way or the other.

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Don't the Seanchan have Damane who do nothing but put on trippy, rave-y light shows for the Blood? And I think there's a bunch of weaves for changing voices and distorting sound.


My point is, I'm not sure about the Pink Ajah but the Aes Sedai should definitely put together a band. Maybe that's what Thom and Moraine do after aMoL?  

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