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Please all welcome Taborline to the Band!

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Sooh was absolutely right, you need to come here (and stay!! :biggrin: )


While i will notify staff that we have a new recruit in our midst, please, have a seat




pick a drink




and pick a snack, if you like 






So, tell us a bit about yourself, so we know what you like! 

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Thank you, Thane! I could use a seat, and a colourful beverage!


I am 31, I like reading, history, travel, cooking, languages and music. I work at a university (admin) for now, but I don't want to do this forever and am trying to work out what I'm doing next.


With regard to music, as I know this is a musical place, I enjoy almost everything apart from modern country and rap.


I'm looking forward to getting to know people :happy:

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So I've heard! I wish I'd joined sooner :)


Well you're here now, and that's all that matters.



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Hi !! :biggrin:


Welcome in the Band !


*checks your hobbies* what is ur fav historical period ?



Dice has a very nice and evil way to grin ; infantry members are fair play and very honorable. They are not afraid to admit that archers and cav are better than them.


We know Zander loves us and is extremely happy for us but he thinks no one breaks the law on his watch.

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Vikings: Yay! Though I haven't seen the rest of the most recent season...


I have never had a snugglebitehug before, that is amazing, thank you!


I like a lot of historical periods, but I'm probably most attached to 15th and 17th C England, and 16th C France. Do you have favourites?

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i am quite open lol


as long as it is not 20th century or after, it is all good for me :biggrin: (i think i must have been scared by the teacher who took care of that period).

i am a big fan of the Tudor period though

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