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Mafia Signups - Replacement needed!

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Come one, come all.

We gonna do some mafia. I think the theme might be Mass Effect, but not sure it's been so long.

I need 10 to 17 players.

Umm yea. Setup and rules and stuff.

Be nice. Post. Play your alignment. Don't play against the spirit of the game. Just a good old hybrid hammer game.

I'll go talk to Chae. She may be my co-mod. Hopefully?

01. Sooh
02. Darthe *(if at least 13 players)
03. Thane
04. Zander
05. Talya
06. Corvhin
07. Release The Evil
08. Mawt
09. AlannaLynn
10. Seph
11. Verbal *(if at most 13 players)
12. Leyrann
13. Dice

We start the game when either:

Game starting this evening with 13 players. List is final.

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