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  1. Corvhin Raikhan - Algai Present and accounted for
  2. Kisses Chae on the cheek, I appreciate it love. I have made reservations at nice restaurant I would be honored if you'd join me.
  3. I do so enjoy dancing with you dear. Did you enjoy the roses white wine and chocolate I left in your quarters?
  4. And Hiathbeorn you are right of course. I get carried away with my excitement. So my sincerest apologies to Besie and you. Offers Hiathbeorne, some ice cream punch.
  5. Pays the bard to play a slow song and takes Chaes hand *may I have this dance beautiful?*
  6. Considering I am newly raised algai and she initiate I believe our training are fairly equal and it is a sparring match at a bonfire for fun. *glares at hiarthbeorn* but since it displeases you so, sparring is now at a conclusion. *tosses practice sword down and grabs a drink of scotch* feel free to enjoy other aspects of the bonfire Besie.
  7. I was teaching you now I will show you how it's done for real , ignores the pain in his side, spins around and rapidly strikes your other side sending a hard blow to the kidney, strike me harder
  8. Spins around sweeping your legs from under you, that stance leaves you very open. I enjoy being in the mix so for fighters like myself the best defense is to get me at a distance or observe closely for any openings part of this includes striking in the space of time I am open while completing a strike on you. Let me demonstrate, slowly swings toward your side, part of me will be exposed very briefly fight though the pain and use that window of opportunity
  9. Takes plow stance advances towards Bessie quickly striking the back of her knee. I'm paying attention Hiarth. Strike me Bessie, youbring me pain and you may have any drink you desire at the bonfire.
  10. Now your goal is to bring me pain with this sword. I want to hurt. *bows formally* it is good form to bow to your opponent in a sparring bout. Your mission is to deflect my advances and keep me from striking you, when your blows hit me I want all your effort and might put into it. Does a few practice flurries with you, until you've been suffiently warmed up, then advances into the attack striking you on your left rib cage, guard yourself and be mindful of leaving yourself open
  11. Tosses Besie a wooden practice sword, the pits are over there, points to the left. follow me, Im no expert but I can hold my own fairly well
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