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[An Event of Ice and Shadow]: Ice Climber Game


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Hey everyone and welcome to the ICE CLIMBER GAME! This will work exactly how a typical Hangman/Letter Game functions. Players need to guess what word or phrase is represented by the series of "_", denoting a letter of the word. If there is more than one word, they will be separated by "-".

The rules:

1. Each player guesses one letter at a time

2. Players cannot make two consecutive guess posts (but they can post more than once to guess the same word or phrase).

3. You can guess more than once before I post whether your guessed letter is there or not.

4. You must guess a letter before attempting to guess the word or phrase.

5. To make things more fun (and allow for more challenge), our ice climber will be very skilled and will not fall off. Meaning there is no limit to the number of guesses players can make for a certain word.

6. However, to make it more thematic and not too easy, you can be FROZEN. If you guess a letter that is not in the word, you can no longer attempt to guess for that word and can make no further guesses until the current word or phrase is solved. If you guessed multiple letters your guesses made after the incorrect guess will not be counted

The points:

1 Point for correctly guessing the word or phrase. 5 points to the person who guesses the most words or phrases.


Tina - 1

Nikon - 1

Sooh - 7

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