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  1. What did you like about it? What plan do you think you're seeing a part of? Expound a little. Try to express yourself in a way so that others can understand your perspective and your points will come across more strongly. Mafia is a game of dialogue and motive when it boil it down to brass tacks - so try to be clear with your intended statements. Okay I promise to go in depth from here on... It's not that I don't want to now but it's difficult to put so much from my phone. When I get back in 12 hours I will have my thoughts stickied and ready to debate upon. Just want to get it out there for you, so you don't think I'm ignoring you AJ
  2. A'ight folks, I'm off to bed. I will be following along as you go tomorrow while at work and try to chime in, but I don't get home till 5pm. So I won't be the most active.
  3. I have to admit that I like how Turin puts it. Vote : AJ I feel that AJ and Dice are in some kind of cahoots together, although it could have been all part of a plan... I'm just going with my initial gut here.
  4. So are you claiming that Clov is misleading here Turin? Or just not expressing his views clearly?
  5. *walks in the room and pops him self down at a table. * Some of the local poison will do me good
  6. *Bows, bows, bows* I now have the favorite statement of the Internet!
  7. P.s. People have been calling me questy if that counts as a nickname
  8. Well the first thing that I thought of is a creepy reference of "Dr love" with the creepy deep voice that is some how "sexy", Which actually makes it even creepier, " Questlove"
  9. i just have to ask, am I QuestLove? and is there a hidden meaning in that? also all i have to say is that between Clov and Ithi, they seem to b driving the conversation and i dont really see why any one has already voted for Ithi. In my quick read through Turin just seems to be questioning others which seems wise to me and Sooh and I are pretty new to the game so i don't see anything suspicious from reading her. I'm withholding my vote until i see something that makes me question
  10. delusions may not be able to be shared but they can be adopted, a group of perfectly healthy people can develop the symptoms of an illness even though only one of them actually has the illness.
  11. *runs through the front door hopping on one foot trying to finish buttoning his pants up, shoes unlaced and the buttons on his shirt are misaligned* I'm here, i was busy with the wife putting furniture together that she just had to get this morning. I have to read to catch up on the bulk of what happened but I'm present now so please continue.
  12. Here! Three women in my house arguing that they are right and I'm wrong
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