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The Mystic Trilogy by our very own... JASON DENZEL!

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Since this is not directly Wheel of Time related I figured it would be best to post it here in the general discussion section of our site.

Congratulations to Jason Denzel, the founder of Dragonmount, for signing his book series, The Mystic Trilogy, with Tor!

Keep an eye out for his first book, Mystic, on sale sometime this fall.

"The Mystic trilogy will tell the story of Pomella, a restless teenager who leaves her village to apprentice herself to a mysterious Mystic – even though the law forbids it. After lying about her caste, she must undergo severe trials against nobles to prove her worthiness. Far more dangerous, however, is the conspiracy she finds: someone is plotting to murder her and the Mystic! Mystic will be followed by Mystic Dragon, and Mystic Skies."



- Synopsis and Cover-Art quoted from the Tor.com article found here.


Jason Denzel founded Dragonmount in 1998 and has run it ever since.

He is an independent filmmaker and writer living in Northern California.

Below, a photo of Jason at the Sacramento, California AMoL tour stop.


** crosses fingers in anticipation for the release OR for an ARC contest/giveaway **

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Lol, had it from the Sacramento AMoL tour stop when we used my mac to do green screen backdrops for wheel of time photos.


Though if you have something you'd prefer feel free to edit it in ;)

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