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Feast of Fools: Hang the Fool!


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A sound begins to build in the Hall of the Tower. Quietly at first ... then slightly louder. It sounds like it might be a goofy mashed-together medley of game show tunes, maybe.


This week, these willing contestants will take a shot at points and glory as they play the goofiest word game of their lives!


The music gets louder. It's definitely a goofy medley of game show tunes.


From Tar Valon at Dragonmount, it's time to ... HANG! THE! FOOL! And the star of our show, Amarande the Acc... wait ... (looks back at the cue card prepared for this event) Amarande Sedai!


Today's contestants are ... why, today's contestants are anyone who feels like stepping into this here hall of madness! Guess the words, or feel glooooooorious sadness!


The Game Fools ... Wait, I Meant Rules

1. Each word Wheel appear with its point valuedom. That the lucky die has chosen at random.

2. Aces are high, so to give that just lovin', if I roll a one, shall it count as seven!

3. One letter at a time thou shalt guess, we are having fun but we must mind the mess!

4. Guesses thou shalt not double post, wait for a fellow or for update from the host!

5. A letter that's right, points towards your victory it might! (No matter how countly, just once it will tally.)

6. Since fools will hang ... a wrong letter costs, oh dang.

7. Ten letters are wrong? That's the sound of the gong.

8. Guess the word when you will, three times the marks to your till.

9. But if your guess should not fill, thrice the cost is the bill.

10. And now let's have fun, there's a game to be won!


(The easy to read explanation: Words reference the Wheel of Time somehow. Each successful letter guess counts the announced point value, but only once no matter how many times it's in the word. A wrong guess costs this number of points, and after 10 flubs that's it for the word! A successful full word guess scores triple the points, but an unsuccessful one costs the same.)


To make it easy for all, keep updating this post I shall!


Current Word:

_ A Y _ _ _ E


Letter Value: 5


Wrong Guesses (9 Remaining): S "AMYRLIN" N T L D X M


Previous Words:







Current Scores:


Cindy: 49

Gudrean: 6

Dawnflower8: 1

Ryrin: -3

Misheru: -4

Keeper of Fools: -5

KassidyRose DaiShan: -6

Elaevia: -6

Inara Serra: -6

Brandie: -11

Amyrlin of Fools: -11

Master of Arms of Fools: -16

Elgee: -30



Congratulations, Cindy!! You are the winner!!

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Three for R sharp as beak of the bird,

And nine more for you've guessed the word!


T and P not in the contest it shows,

But no score reckoned for that word was closed.


Now we reveal a shiny new puzzle,

Welcome welter of guesses, a hustle and bustle!

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