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The Wookiee's Long And Dangerous Adventure of Peril


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I, dear friends, have just returned from a long and epic adventure, which took me far from the comforts of my home. In order to best relate my adventures I have decided to write them in both the elegant terms of Randland, providing the occasional translation to the duller, 'real life' language.


Evidently deciding that we were suffering from a lack of real life, I was whisked away from my keyboard by my family on this spectacular adventure.



Loading our carriage heavy, the five of us mounted up and set off together during the mid morning, leaving our faithful hound and slightly more indepentant felines in the hands of our trustworthy neighbours, moving into the unknown. We quickly progressed through the sprawling metropolis of Brisbane, before arriving at an odd building. This building was filled with glittering glass windows, and more doorways than you would believe. We travelled through the air in a manner similar in many respects to skimming, except that rather than moving through an alternate dimension we were flung into the air inside a great hunk of metal, before 'landing' in the foreign and strange city of 'Sydney'.


It occured to me as soon as we arrived that I was not in the safe, and secure lands of the Queenslanders and now in the savage and barbaric lands of the 'Southerners', which I remembered were ruled by my strange acquaintance of dicetosser. We, and by that I mean the authorities who actually knew where we were headed, decided to make haste away from the seedy capital of this land, which seethed with southerners. We then made our way, in a carriage that we had borrowed on the condition that it would be returned to the nice lands of Queensland, to the oasis of safety that was 'Canberra'.


In the still odd city of Canberra we made camp for the next two nights, making our way through to the sights of this lands, specifically the grand and awe-inspiring memorial to all the deceased soldiers of the greater land of Australia. That experience was too powerful to put into words here, especially when I knew well the father of one of the soldiers whose name was immortalised on the wall of the memorial. After this, we explored a museum dedicated to long dead reptiles of fearsome size and ferocity. Our other exploit was to the complicated machinery and factory in which the coinage of Australia is produced in its millions.


We left the safety of Canberra behind, and headed back into the untamed wild to Dubbo, the home of a fierce and extensive menagerie unlike almost any other. We explored this massive, open air 'zoo' with great aplomb before it was revealed to us that we were to stay a night in the middle of this incredible place, sleeping amidst the cries of animals the likes of which you cannot fathom! When we awoke from this unique experience, we were taken on a walk into the background of this menagerie, seeing the likes of 'Otters', 'Rhinos' and the fearsome "Tigers' up close! After completing the grand tour of this sprawling menagerie we packed up our belongings and drove yet again, to the home of a great and marvellous star-seer.


We marvelled at the size of this great telescopre, but were told that unfortunately the mysterious operaters of the machine were altering it at that moment, and we could not behold it up close. As an apology, one of the great operators took us on an exclusive tour of the working of the observatory, revealing to us secrets that I cannot tell even to you.


From the site of the telescopre we made the long journey home, over another two wearisome days. Many things occured over this time, but I shall not give you the details of them now. Suffice to say, we returned, awed, amazed and our eyes open to the world. But despite this, I am back at my keyboard, as ever!












P.S. Please forgive me for not popping in while I was in Sydney Dice! XD

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