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Aiel Invasion--We Heard This Place Was Jammin'!

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So what brings the lovely Aiel to our fires on this fine evening?


*keeps an eye on everything an Aiel could conceivably hide behind, so everything*

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you include

anything from the Archers

it will be explosive.  Bandy tastes like

old socks, probably wouldn't want to include that :baalzamon:


Who told you thats how I clean my socks?!


No dearie, that's Guinnies. Bandies taste like glory and triumph.

Nope you are wrong about the guinny.


Also Hello Ms. Aiel leader!  *slides her some guinny*

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*dances through singing addictive earworm* Heyyyy noooow, heeeyyyy nooow! XD


Ohaaaiiii Heart!!! *tacklehug* Can I interest you in a Pony ride? I'll give ya a tour of the Cavalry! :D



A'right, lets clear this up once and for all... Who's boiling their socks in the MG brew!? :darkone:

The, uh, washing machine was kaputt and uh, socks have to be washed at 60 degrees...

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