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[Blue Ajah Harry Potter Week] Transfiguration Class!

Leala Sedai

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Cedric walks into the classroom, dressed in his school robes.




"Good evening, everyone!  Professor McGonnagal asked me to fill in for her tonight, and I'm pretty busy with the Sorting Ceremony and the Quidditch match too, but I think I can handle it!  ...I hope."  He clears his throat and continues on.  "And I wanted to address something before we move on...I know there have been some rumors going around about me...something about me looking like a vampire someone saw once."




"Weird, weird rumors.  No clue how they got started.  But I'm here to tell you they're untrue!  I am not, nor would I ever endeavor to be a vampire.  But, let's get back to class!"  He assumes an authoritative stance, ready to teach.  "Now, I know the Professor likes to give serious lessons on Transfiguration, but I learned it best as a game!  The Transfiguration game will work like this:


"First, you'll start out with a word, like mouse.


"Your goal will be to make it into another five-letter word like toast.


"To do that, you change it it one letter at a time, but it always has to make another word.  So, you can change mouse into house, but NOT into jouse.


"Every time you change a letter correctly, I'll give you a point.  If everyone is stuck, and you have a few points, you can automatically change the word into the goal word, but it will take 10 points to do it.  You can get together with other students and add up your points if you want.


"And as your teacher, if I see that we're all stuck, I can change it, and we'll move on.


"Is everyone ready?  Good!  Your first word is:




And we're trying to change it into:





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You're right. I think we need to go back to FELTERS.


Sequence would then go:










Which means I'd have to come up with something else for my turn in Post #9.



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