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It's the Weekend!!! XD


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okay... so far i've had a fun weekend except for the fact that I got my first papercut in 2 years... so... a few years ago, my 3 friends and I formed a Youtube group called Awesometacular Bananas, and since we haven't really hung out in a while, we haven't done a video in a while... today was the first time in a while that we did... we filmed us making rainbow cake!!! it was complicated, but really fun... here's how it turned out before we put the icing on...




after the icing: 




it was delicious!!! so then we had some smiley potato fry thingies... i became the smiley potato torturer... this is what happened to the potatoes...




so then because we were hyper, we went downstairs to this really big basement and we did goofy things that we made another video about... i was chased by my friend around a ping pong table, i played with one of those yoga balls, i got sat on, and... umm... oh yeah, played ping pong on the floor... was the best weekend in a while... now im still very hyper and waiting for my videos to come up....

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well you make the batter... put a little in 6 bowls... then in one you use a certain #of drops of food coloring... mix it in.. then another one gets another amount of food coloring... and in some you mix the colors and then you pour the red in a cake pan, then orange, yellow, etc... then you bake it until its done...

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