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[SG Faire : Shayol Ghul] Who Are You Really?

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It's ok you can stop pretending now, we know your one of the Forsaken masquerading as a harmless DMer. Just admit it! The question is which? Lanfear? Damodred? Lightforbid, Asmodean? We shall see. Please take a seat over there and fill out the form, a simple True or False will do nicely. Send it via PM to Lolguy26 and Cyan (make sure to add both of us) and we will post your results here. Come now, don't be shy.


1. You would betray the Light for the promise of power.
2. Compulsion is your weapon of choice.
3. You always think things through before carrying them out.
4. Working behind the scenes is more appealing than getting directly involved.
5. You enjoy inflicting pain on others. (a shriek a day makes your pain go away)
6. Stalking people's dreams is practically second nature.
7. You find this Age incredibly lacking.
8. You like blackmailing important people.
9. Why fight when you can control?
10. You tend to take command.
11. You keep your madness at bay by being mad.
12. A little balefire never hurt anything.
13. Swords are still useful even if you have the Power.
14. Survival is for losers, you go big or go home.
15. You'd be thrilled to get the chance to kill al'Thor.

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Tyzack you are


I am -way- more important than a pawn for ishameal! (though being killed/balefired by moriane is a pretty cool way to die!)

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Lol and accurate characteristics for my Shadow side.

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