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[SG Fair: Black Tower] What faction does your soul belong to?


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Welcome to the Shadow! You just scored 11 out of 10 on the Badass scale. Since your spirit is already here you might as well join us. We have had some, hm, accidents lately, so we can need some new blood…

The M´Hael eyes the newly arrived darkfriend. He would have to watch this one if he wanted to remain in his current position. A little compulsion might come in handy…

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Welcome to the Light! According to the test, you are more awesome than the average person, so we have made a home for you in the fun-loving, occasionally sane, and always spectacular Light.

Logain offers the new recruit some Taint Pills and gives him the usual Squire's set of Tainted rations, Tainted silverware, Tainted bedsheets, and a Tainted uniform.

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Welcome to the Shadow! Your blood test shows that you have an unusual low level of midi-chlorians but also an unusual high level of awesomeness. You clearly belong to the Shadow. Now get your butt over here and we will teach you the true meaning of evil. Stealing candy from kids might be fun but the Dark One has better plans for you.

M´Hael looks pleased. New soldiers are always welcome. If they are found to be weak he can just balefire them.

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I lived in Norfolk so I got a more refined version of that due to my South African accent before it. I haven't spent enough time with British people to see but if I spend time with South African people it happens so I guess it would


I tend to sound more and more British if I get angry though

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