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[Game]: The Tainted Days of Christmas!


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^lol XD




1: Graffity 'Rand was here'

2: Extra presents on fireplace.

3: Yoda, bottom left. XD

4: Teddy bear's hat rim changed from white to black.

5: Snowman behind window, scarf turned green from red.

6: Christmas decoration with WoT sign on it hanged on tree (By Rand no doubt...)

7: Quite hard to identify, but I think that's brownies added in the bottom right corner...

8: lol, Hangman's noose behing tree.

9: And large present infront of tree gets chickenpox :sad: They get red...

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*noms a tainty brownie*


*falls to knees*


I am sorry Lady Dragon! I was mislead by the voice of reason! :sad:


Save me!


Just don´t let it mislead you again. Can´t have reasonable Storm Leaders running around this place.


*picks up a skull* Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him, Lady Dragon.


Oh! You did? Ehm... You can have it. Ehm... I´m sure he wanted you to have it. Maybe you can make a candlestick out of it?

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December 20 – Darki´n




A Boy is Born on the slopes of Dragonmount...


Task: Make a poll to find out who everyone would rather meet - Brandon Sanderson or Santa Claus. You need to get at least 10 people to vote. Post a link to it here.

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That I already knew, but when I press "finished" in the poll thing, does it mean that it's in the post or do I have to do something else? There's no text anywhere after I've pressed finish. Explain this from beginning to end, please.

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Dear Rand,

Greetings. May the Light illumine you. I hope you have been preparing for Tarmon Gaidon and preparing to win. I know you will convince Egewene to surety that breaking the seals is the only way.


One thing I have noticed, your current girlfriends don't pay you much mind. They ignore you, call you names and yet you stay with them. I think you should leave them. I know you be alone so I am offering myself as your new girlfriend. You should be my boyfriend. I would make a goo girlfriend. I would not shout at you, not call you names and help you. And I don't angry easily. So I am a better choice. You should dump them and come to me. Then you won't have to fight Tarmon Gaidon and you would be free from duties. You won't have to die or kneel to Seanchan Empress. See why you should pick me instead?


Now greet your friends and dump your current girlfriends and pick me.


In your thought always,


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