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I know I haven't really gotten to be too active in here just yet, but figured I'd post this anyway:


There's a chance I won't really be on to post much/at all over the next few days-a week, depending. Two of my closest friends from high school lost their son today, and I'm going to be helping arrange some fundraisers and such to try and help them out, etc.


Stabs everyone.

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Thursday and Friday of this week. the Great Lord of the Dark, the Galactic Empire and the forges of Mordor have conspired to make the days so busy that I will have no time for Shayol Ghul.

just putting notice now that if you absolutely need me text my cell if you have it or message me on Facebook, because Facebook sends me texts.


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Ok ive been avoiding posting this but I guess i have to. Im not away but im just hardly here. Ive started working on a feature and it's taking up so much time and stress. Also this week ive been told I have an interview at uni for Architecture so I need to get a portfolio done in the next fortnight. So yea the next two weeks ill hardly be seen

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I will be gone starting tomorrow, the 9th of December, up through the 20th of December.  I will be at my Inlaw's for the next week, then my grandmother's for half a week.  While in Ohio, I will have access via the phone, but when I am in Virginia for those three days, I will have essentially no net access (middle of the woods).



If you need anything while I am gone, do not hesitate to PM me or Email me.  If I do not respond within 24 hours, go and stab Piano or the Dark Mistress.

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