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Alright, Folks... Black Tower Varsity Team name discussion


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I'm planning something, and I'd like your help.


So, let's say the Black Tower has a Varsity Sports team. What do you think they'd call themselves and use for a mascot?

(careful, this'll probably end up in the Humor Blog at several points in the future)



So Far:

Suggestions for Team Name

  • Asha'men
  • Barfers
  • Savages
  • Weapons
  • Lord of Chaos
  • Taint or Taintys
  • Dedicated
  • Shocklances
  • Herons


Suggestions for mascot

  • Dragon
  • Panda/Arez
  • Llamacorn
  • Herons

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Others have surely better ideas than me. Lord of Chaos is good. Team Taint. Nothing with amyrlin please.


The symbol should be the Dragon`s Fang or a Dragon.


Don´t we already have a mascot? If not then I think our black and white fluffy panda should be perfect. :laugh: Arez, what do you say? Like a mascot had anything to say about it...

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I see you have asked the other tower the same question. This might be interesting...


Yep, nefarious plots afoot.

*has no idea what varsity is but here goes...* :unsure:

Varsity are the teams that go from place to place, I believe that the term is used mainly when it's not a professional match. Since the Tower players probably won't be paid to do this, I used Varsity

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