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Rand's Retirement Home



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  1. 1. If Rand lives post-TG, where do you think he'll retire?

    • Shara
    • Isle of Madmen
    • Tremalking and Sea Folk Isles
    • Two Rivers
    • Malkier / Liberated Blight
    • Rhuidean
    • Seanchan
    • Another Place (specify)

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(Hell, while were at it we could rope in Taim killing him but Logain balefires him, bringing Rand back, gloryyy)


Or Nynaeve. I think there was foreshadwoing during her aes sedi test that she would need to use balefire during the last battle.

That wasn't foreshadowing that was a direct statement from nynaeve


Well, yes, it was. If a person says "I might have to do X when Y happens", and then she does have to do X when Y happens, that's foreshadowing. ;) Not very subtle foreshadowing, but still.

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If he lives, I suspect he will vanish as far as the world is concerned. I suspect that only those close to him will be aware of where he chooses to live, and somewhere like the TR, where he can be near those he cares about yet still anonymous seems... appropriate. I think this is a story where if Rand manages his task and lives there will be nothing left for him in keeping a role of any importance, that is the hero burns themselves out to save everything.

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