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  1. Since I only started reading wheel of time about a year ago and only joined this site about 6 months ago, I'm kinda sad that I never got to discuss the books as they were coming out and make predictions and such. AMOL being the only book in the series that wasn't out already. So since I'm only on my first reread at the moment I'l probably have some questions that have probably been covered countless times before. Therefore I'll still use this website for years to come to check on past forums and other things.
  2. Min will die (hopefully) and he'll live with Elayne and Aviendha in Caemlyn and spend his days producing lots of superchildren (for the good of mankind obviously )
  3. Not Classics but just started rereading EOTW so these are two from early in the book Perrin describing Nynaeves meeting with Moiraine in Baerlon '' She's with Mistress Alys right now and it's cold enough in there to snow '' After the group leave Baerlon after escaping from whitecloaks Mat '' I wonder what Dav did with that badger ''
  4. I would recommend The Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks
  5. To be honest I can't stand Min. For much of the series theres's barely a seen where she's not hanging out of Rands coat sleeve. I know she only wants the best for him but jeez she'd drive me nuts if I was Rand Aviendha on the other hand is my favourite as even though she's in love with Rand with the exception of the gateway scene she doesnt get involved with Rand until she feels she is strong enough plus I get the feeling she doesn't like Min (finger dripping bucket scene with her and Min) Elayne well theres not really much of a relationship going on there in my opinion
  6. I dont really get it either. I mean he's waited 20 years to do this while he was out gallivanting with moiraine. Surely he could at least wait till Rand has all his armies organised and then at least his suicide charge might actually have an impact
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