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A Breakup


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I never thought this day would come. Ever. Like, EVER.


Seriously. No, no, SRSLY.






We are no more. I've left her. Why? Because......I've found another. And who in the hell is it that I've left? For those that know me, I think you already know the answer. You can't believe it, but you know it anyway.





I've left Angelina.



She has been demoted out of the "Verbal would leave his entire life behind for this woman" list. Yep. But, the list is not empty.


It is filled by somebody who has been lurking nearby for years, but I never had the guts to admit it. She's been my real love for quite a while.



She is......










Kate Beckinsale. Here's a better picture of her normally:









I hereby renounce all claims on Angelina Jolie. The apocalypse is here. I mean, I wouldn't kick Angelina out of bed...c'mon, I'm not crazy! But Kate Beckinsale is the new Mrs. Verbal. Mmmhmmm.


Carry on.

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It's ok, Verbal.



Angelina Jolie has become the new Mrs. Christine. She will be well taken care of!



*grabs Angie and carts her off to bed caveman style*


Wow, that was quick. (that's what she said)




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Oh Rey, I always knew you had a thing for me!



*smiles sweetly and sashays over to Rey*



You know, if you wanted to join in....


*leans forward and slides hand over Rey's shoulder, then drags a knife across his neck and watches him drop down*




Angie is mine now. Back off.



*winks at Verbal and prances off with Angie*

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I just checked my email and found this.....


Hey, Lil, who is this Verbal guy and should I be worried? He's camped outside my house. Should I call the police or what?





I didn't know what to say. I mean, I really like you Verb and would consider lying to her and telling her you're harmless - for a price. What's your offer?

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