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Running out of time for Crazy Theories/Ideas


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So, Rand's first death.

Rand breaks seals at Shayol Ghul.

Rand and two women link with Callandor.

Rand is held/out of control.


Nynaeve removes the white powder from Rand's brain

and attempts to use it as a buffer to touch the Dark One.

With the white protection gone the Darkness clamps down on Rand

and the Dark covering which Perrin saw in VOG pre-enlightenment

covers Rand again. (The dark hand holding Callandor now.)


As the Darkness covers Rand so does Darkness cover the Land

because as we know the Dragon is One With the Land.

The Sun disappears from View.


Rand's soul is seized at the maw of the infinite void.

Sucked out of his body like a grey man or like what the

draghkar do to a person before they kill the body.

(Except that they consume the soul.)

His soul is pulled into Callandor like he felt it was

happening when he fought Ishamael at the Stone of Tear.

(The time when the balefire split around Callandor.)


The future teeters on the edge of a blade.


When Alivia sees Rand seized and endarkend she kills him/helps him die.

His blood is removed from his body, like Semirhhage talked

about doing to one of her victims,and spilled on the rocks

of Shayol Ghul.

(This plus the white brain powder to be used to form a buffer

between the D.O. and Saidar/Saidin to reweave the pattern.)


At this point Rand's body is a 'husk' as in one of the visions/dreams.

Logain seeing that the Dragon is no longer around decides to kick

Taim's BlackandRed ass til it is BlackandBlue and take over the

Black Tower.

(Stepping over the 'husk' in the vision.)


Logain and Ashaman are Kicking ass and chewing bubble gum.

(And there is no bubble gum in Randland.)

No Taim, no Dragon, Logain top dog. Logain's Glory.


Moridin feeling the hurt from his linked-buddy's body's death says,

"SheeeIT! Can't have this!" and decides to give Rand a New body

making the prophecy come about....


"Power of the Shadow made human flesh

Awakened to turmoil, strife and ruin."


"Power of the Shadow made human flesh...But the body is still soulless.

"Dead and yet lives."

The girls open a skimming gate, (not being familiar enough with

the local ground to make a gateway), and take the body onto a

barge. (Egwene's hallmark when not riding Bela.)

Thank you Nicola.

Rand's tortured soul is pulled from/leaves Callandor and goes into

the new body he got as a gift from Moridin.


While Moridin is weakened from feeling Rand's death and making a new

body for him Padan Fain kills Moridin with the TwistyMistyMiasma and

turns to Shaidar Haran with a big smile.

He LOVES to torture Fades and SH is just in time for Fain's Party.

S.H. meet Ruby Dagger.


Now Rand is "awakened to turmoil, strife and ruin".


Link broken, new hand, new unaffected brain, the two wounds on

his side are gone, saidin is clean and ...


The Dragon takes on the Dark.

The Fisher King is free and moves to wherever he chooses on the board.


Healthy and Sane with Soul scoured clean the Dragon banishes the

darkness covering the world and 'twice dawns the day...."

Back to the Pit, Rand channels his own spilled blood into healing

the Bore.


and I will give up at this point and wait impatiently for the real thing.


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Did I miss something? What's this talk about white powder?


Towers of Midnight page 223

After Nynaeve has healed Naeff of his taint madness by extracting

the 'barbs; of the taint sticking in Naeff's brain, she delved Rand.


"She Delved, staying away from the wounds at his side, which were pits of darkness that seemed to try to suck in her energy. She kept her attention on his mind. Where was the—

She stiffened. The darkness was enormous, covering the entirety of his mind. Thousands upon thousands of the tiny black thorns pricked into his brain, but beneath them was a brilliant white lacing of something. A white radiance, like liquid Power. Light given form and life. She gasped. It coated each of the dark tines, driving into his mind alongside them. What did it mean?

She didn't have any idea how to begin working on this. There were so many barbs. How could he even think with that much darkness pressing against his brain? And what had created the whiteness? "



Powder was not correct. Liquid Power is how Nynaeve described it.

I misremembered it as 'powder' instead of 'power' but the idea remains

that whatever it is insulates the brain from the black taint covering his

mind and apparently can buffer the brain from being touched by the D.O. Taint.

Perhaps it could be used to touch the D.O. so Saidar/Saidin wont touch him and

cause both halves of the Power to be Tainted again.



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The white power is probably just the creater's taint and the will use it to taint the true power. :)


I believe that VOICE in The Eye of the World. The Creator isn't manipulating anything. That's why there's a Wheel. It's there to handle the Creator's light work. Little things like Tarmon Gaidon. The "liquid White Power" as I believe it is described is the Wheel's defense against the taint. The Dragon is the Wheel's Champion, and he can't be very good at that if he's batty, so the Wheel has created a mechanism to insulate Rand's brain from the taint.

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