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  1. If we hope to make sense out of this we have to begin with a set of reasonable, agreed upon, assumptions. Things like: if it's Capitalized it must be a name or the synonym for a name. So Broken Wolf is obviously meant to be a name. So is Death. Also, Midnight Towers. So, Step 1 would be to identify Death and Midnight Towers. Moridin means death, but does Death necessarily mean Moridin? What about Midnight Towers? Is that literally the 13 natural black stone towers in Seanchan that are called the Midnight Towers? Or someplace else? This is a Dark Prophesy. Like all
  2. Now we're getting down to very fine parsing of what Jordan said and what he meant. Since he is no longer around to ask, almost any interpretation is as valid as any other, but the most common way to interpret what Jordan said is that IF the Blight is not accessible from T'a'R, then anything contained within the Blight is also not accessible from T'a'R. Ergo, no Blight also equals no Shayol Ghul. Example: Narg smart! Narg not part of Blight. Narg simply live there. If Narg want to leave Blight, Narg knows that many men with sharp, pointy things that can kill Narg guard the front door a
  3. Why does the mythology persist that the longer they spend and the more they "polish" the better the book will be? There is simply no such correlation. Nobody wants a bad book. Nobody wants any gilded lilies, either. There's an old axiom that goes something along the lines of, "Don't let perfect become the enemy of good enough." The sad truth is that nothing can live up to twenty years of build-up. Moving this, changing that, won't really matter. A Memory of Light either has good bones or it doesn't. Put another way, applying a ball gown and lipstick to a pig merely wastes your
  4. Ituralde isn't a bad choice in a couple of respects. He is known as "TheLittle Wolf." He has had personal contact with Little Miss Compulsion, and is thus most likely to be "broken." Although my own impression was he'd found his own way around whatever Graendal did to him by refusing to remain where further messages and orders from "The King" could reach him. My personal feeling accords with yours. Maradon was supposed to accomplish that Dark Prophecy. Whether Rand's intervention precluded the Prophecy or merely delayed it remains to be seen.
  5. Sorry, but outside of the Two Rivers, Perrin simply is not well enough known nor widely enough heralded to have his destruction, "bring fear and sorrow to the hearts of men," and "shake their very will itself." Agelmar, Ituralde, Bashere, Bryne, those are fabled names and fabled men, known in every corner of Randland. One of them possibly, but not Perrin. He's a nobody by comparison, and none but those closest to him would be made afraid or sorrowful by his destruction.
  6. Sanderson was given the totally unenviable job of cramming ten pounds of stuff into a five pound bag. Jordan had promised "Just one more book.", but that was a promise he couldn't have delivered on any more than Sanderson could have. I've said it before and I will repeat it now, Jordan was always three books away from finishing. Had he lived, after The Gathering Storm he still would have been three books away from finishing, and after Towers of Midnight still three books away. To Brandon Sanderson's credit he was unwilling to sacrifice his own life and his own career to writing the r
  7. I've looked. Really. I don't see ANY facts in what you expressed. I do see a whole lot of your opinion. Now while your opinion matters, mostly to you, it also matters to some others. But regardless it is still just an opinion like all others. Not a fact. I preordered and read the very same versions of The Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight that you and everybody else did. I found them to be remarkably good. Well written. True to the story and the characters as defined by Robert Jordan. Entertaining and timely, besides. And, entertaining and timely are not terms that can b
  8. With Mask of Mirrors or Mirror of Mists or whatever the author is calling it this week, it can look like a duck, quack like a duck, waddle like a duck and not even be any type of fowl. Kisman was given a very similar order three different times by what he believed to be three different people. Belief, no matter how fervent, does not constitute fact. So, the question is, were they really three different people? Or, were they one person, using higher and higher ranking disguises to get something that the Nae'blis had forbidden done anyway? Given how the whole attempt on Rand's life pl
  9. That may be reading too much into things. After all, how can this be ( among others ) an Arturian based story without at least few Knights of the Round Table. IIRC, there was a Sir Bors, as well. Our Bors was anything but a Knight of the Round Table. And if we're going to talk the Arthurian Myth, which one? There are dozens. Each related in some ways and distinct in others. The earliest had him conquering all of Great Britain, and all of Northern and Western Europe as well. That sounds much more like Artur Hawkwing than Rand al Thor. Lancelot and many of the others were late addit
  10. The most common human characteristic is a universal belief that "I am the center of the Universe. I am God's special chosen being, and I am destined to do great things." Somewhere way down deep inside, that is what everybody believes, or the human race could not/would not continue in the face of all the ugliness and tragedy, greed and stupidity that surrounds us daily. Elaida is very human. She believes utterly in her own "manifest destiny." That belief blinds her to a lot of uncomfortable truths about herself, and leads her down the path she chose. Because she was so "special" and be
  11. Keep in mind - This is from the Essanik Cycle. The Seanchan version of the Kareathon Cycle that was "corrupted" by Ishamael. Nothing says what was corrupted nor in how many places the Kareathon Cycle was corrupted to create the Essanik cycle. So, the fact that it claims "the blind man" shall "weep for what has been wrought" doesn't really mean anything, since it comes from a very untrustworthy source. The part that would fit best for "When the many become one" is when Rand remembers all of the past incarnations of the Dragon.
  12. One thing i'm pretty sure we can count on is that Tarmon Gai'don will not change human nature in general nor the nature of any Aes Sedai in particular. Jordan has given us a history for those people where every time they have a choice to make they almost invariably choose wrongly. Ergo, if Egwene should die, it's about 90% certain that they will choose precisely the wrong person to replace her. Given the ends the Salidar Aes Sedai had in mind, Egwene was precisely the wrong choice there, as well.
  13. Nice theory. Problem is if Sammie had them they really didn't do him much good, did they? And, if he had them, either Rand has them now, or Graendal does, since they are the ones who got Sam's stash. Graendal's luck ran good for awhile, but she seemed to have rolled snake-eyes the last time we saw her.
  14. Based on Date-of-Birth, yes. Based on years in existence, no. What's-her-face of the Kin is somewhere around 600. LTT was somewhere 300-400 years old when he offed himself, and Rand is only 20-21. As to Line-of-Succession, I imagine it would go much as the Roman Catholic Church handles the death of a Pope.
  15. I agree with you on this point. Terez is apparently privy to much more information than the rest of us, or she's just making stuff up. As hard as she has worked to document so many things about this series, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say she knows stuff I, for one, have never heard before. Whatever the truth may be, it has not been clearly communicated to us, the readers and consumers of this "art." Since it is our money that is paying for the food that many at Tor and all at Team Jordan eat every day, I do believe they owe us the truth, the whole truth and nothing
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