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  1. Dragon Reborn Ch 31 Woman of Tanchico “Rand is still well, then?” Thom’s eyes sharpened to almost the keenness Mat remembered. “I am not sure I expected that. Moiraine is still with him, is she? A finelooking woman. A fine woman, if she were not Aes Sedai. Meddle with that sort, and you get more than your fingers burned.” Towers of Midnight Thom getting Moiraine free So Mat stepped forward to pull Moiraine free. As soon as his hands touched the mist, however, he felt a blazing pain. He screamed, pulling back, shaking his hand. "It's bloody hot" Mat said. "It ― " He cut off as Thom stepped forward. "Thom . . ." Mat said warningly. "I don't care," the gleeman said. He stepped up to the mist, reaching in, his clothing beginning to steam, his eyes watering from the pain. He did not flinch. He dug into that mist and took hold of her, then pulled her free. Her weight sank into his arms, ... Later on... The old gleeman squeezed his eyes shut, holding Moiraine. He looked beaten, ground down to nothing. His hands were red and blistered from pulling her free, his coat sleeves burned. __________ Thom was right back in The Dragon Reborn and he sure got more than his fingers burned. This is one of my favorite foreshadowings in WoT. Caveatar
  2. Why that would be the horsefaced old bag Cadsuane of course. :D Caveatar EDIT: To rephrase the answer____ "What in the Name of God is a Cadsuane?"
  3. I'm glad someone else posted this. I was trying to find some myself and they are indeed scarce and hard to find. Fish I don't know if this is what you are looking for but it might be a good place to start even if it isn't. Or just google Theoryland and follow the links there. http://www.theoryland.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=372 Caveatar
  4. I agree with your thinking here. The reason for thinking so follows. Even though Perrin interprets Dumai's Wells as MAYBE the first fulfillment of Min's viewing. At any rate his musing about her viewing at this point seems to be a clue that it is the place. A Crown of Swords Old Fear, and New Fear After Dumai's Wells and after Colavaere stripped of crown and nobility. Rand and Perrin talk. The following MAY be the first time that Perrin "had to be there or something bad would happen"--- If Rand had decided to chain or kill the Aes Sedai or make them prisoners then he would be doing what Moridin/Ishamael caused Artur Hawkwing to do to the Aes Sedai: enslave and chain them. If this was a ploy of the DarkOne then it would be a BAD thing for Rand to do it. Perrin arguing with Rand about it may be more of 'being there for Rand' than the Dumai's Wells rescue. Light knows that bad stuff had already happened to him in and out of the box and beating and so forth. _____________________________________________________ "I need to know," Rand said finally. "Are you still unwilling to command the army against Illian? I have to know now." . "I'm no general," Perrin said raggedly. There would be battles in Illian. Images flashed in his head. Men all around him, and the axe in his hands spinning, hewing his way through. Always more men, however many he cut down, in endless ranks. And in his heart, a seed growing. He could not face that again. He would not. "Besides, I thought I was supposed to stay close to you." That was what Min had said, from one of her viewings. Twice Perrin had to be there, or Rand would go down to disaster. Once had been Dumai's Wells, MAYBE, but there was still another to come. "We all must take risks." Rand's voice was very quiet. And very hard. Min peered around the doorframe again, looking as if she wanted to come to him, but she glanced at Faile and stayed outside. „ "Rand, the Aes Sedai...." A smart man would let this lie, probably. He had never claimed to be particularly smart, though. "The Wise Ones are ready to skin them alive, or near enough. You can't let them be harmed, Rand." In the corridor, Sulin turned to study him through the doorway. The man he thought he knew laughed, a wheezing sound. "We all-have to take risks," he repeated. "I won't let them be hurt, Rand." Cold blue eyes met his gaze. "You won't let it?" "I won't," Perrin told him levelly. He did not flinch from that stare, either. "They are prisoners, and no threat. They're women." "They are Aes Sedai." Rand's voice was so like Aram's back at Dumai's Wells that it nearly took Perrin's breath. "Rand—" "I do what I have to do, Perrin." For a moment he was the old Rand, not liking what was happening. For a moment he looked tired to death. A moment only. Then he was the new Rand again, hard enough to mark steel. THIS DECISION may be the time that something bad was prevented. "I won't harm any Aes Sedai who doesn't deserve it, Perrin. I can't promise more. Since you don't want the army, I can use you elsewhere. Just as well, really. I wish I could let you rest longer than a day or two, but I can't. There's no time. No time, and we must do what we must. Forgive me for interrupting you." _________________________________________________________________ I personally favor the above as being more likely than what Perrin did at Dumai's Wells. Caveatar
  5. They are if Gawyn can still get it up and HerHighandAmyrlinness deigns to allow it. I don't know how he can impregnate her while continually kissing her ass but who knows? and If Lan managed to start Nynaeve expanding before he left or if he survives TG and does that later. I know it is a simple typo but the mental image gave me a hell of a good laugh. THANKS, I needed that. Caveatar
  6. And the sky flashes multicolor flashes for a while and then in the sky appears: Play Again? Y/N
  7. And just hoping like hell to last long enough to read the last of WoT. :D :D One good thing about my memory, (which is like a ragged map, it is just a very rough guide to past events.), I forget some of those shameful things I did so I feel better about myself overall. I remember my first reading of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' when I was six. (BTW I slept with the cover pulled up over my neck until I was twelve because of it. LOL) I sometimes have to reread parts of WoT to clarify things I read last week. I believe reading obituaries of friends has a damaging effect on memory. It seems like the more of them I read the worse my memory gets. Or maybe that is just a coincidence? Caveatar
  8. To quote Terry Pratchett of Discworld books misquoting the Old Testament: "The leopard does not change his shorts." ("Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots? Then you also can do good who are accustomed to doing evil. (Jeremiah 13:23)) I think that Lanfear is doing the same business at the same old stand. As was said of Asmodean: "He is still the same man he always was." Ingtar went to the shadow because he wanted to be on the winning side. Lanfear went to the shadow for power and control. Even if she does currently want the Dragon to free her and it is not some trap for him it isn't because she wants to return to the Light. So I don't really believe Lanfear will "change her shorts" as Pratchett says. JMO Caveatar
  9. I agree that is the simplest and best explanation of how it works/worked. But I wonder why the reduced lifespan of the Aes Sedai? Maybe Therava's Aes Sedai toy Galina will not have to spend a full 600 years of her servitude. (Personally I think she deserves it but that is just my opinion.) :D Caveatar I'm fairly certain Jordan has been quoted as saying that a single oath wouldn't affect lifespan as much. It's likely a side-effect of too many oaths, which affect the body physically and perhaps mentally too. Here you go... https://docs.google.com/View?docID=dcjspjqg_61cqq85pf7&revision=_latest OKAY! That explains it. I thought I had read ALL of the RJ interviews but I missed that or my (72 years) old memory is just kicking in at failure mode. That does make sense. I suppose the "third oath cap" is similar to the "three time loser / habitual criminal" thing of the U.S. system. Thank you. Caveatar
  10. I agree that is the simplest and best explanation of how it works/worked. But I wonder why the reduced lifespan of the Aes Sedai? Maybe Therava's Aes Sedai toy Galina will not have to spend a full 600 years of her servitude. (Personally I think she deserves it but that is just my opinion.) :D Caveatar
  11. The Oath Rod was originally used for 'binding' criminals. The Oath Rod shortens the life of the channelers sworn on it. (Does it work on non-channelers?) Just what IS the original use of the thing? Just a guess, comparing to our age criminal justice system: Instead of a prison sentence in a cell for a stated length of time perhaps that length of lifespan was removed from the criminal's life expectancy. A six month jail term removing six months of life and reducing prison costs. Binder equivalent of the Three Oaths would be something like the following. Oath One: I swear to fully and truly confess all my crimes. (Criminal confesses all crimes.) Oath Two: I swear to fully and truthfully divulge information I have on any criminal activity by others. (Criminal rats out all others he/she knows about.) Oath Three: I swear to accept the legal prescribed life reduction sentence for all past and any future crimes including the same pain I caused others to suffer. (Convict automatically has lifespan reduced, suffers proportionate pain and feels the future tightening down on his hide like a tighter skin.) Secondary effects: Criminal starts returning things he/she hadn't even stolen. Criminal begins to apologize for every thing that has ever gone wrong from all previous ages. Criminal begins to tremble uncontrollably every time he/she even considers a crime in the future. (Causing bystanders/witnesses to point fingers and say "neener neener"). SO: seriously, How WOULD the danged thing have been used on criminals? Anyone? Caveatar
  12. Nor could Andrew Jackson according to his critics. President Jackson responded to one criticism with a choice answer: "We'll all I c'n say is I think it is a damn pore weak mind that cain't thank uv but one way to spell a word." Caveatar
  13. Tuon CHOOSES to not channel. Regular channelers, (Some of them) CHOOSE not to be Darkfriends. If 13-13 forcibly turning someone to the shadow is bad how is forcibly 'sparking' Tuon not bad? I don't think Moiraine will do that to Tuon. Not that she may not demonstrate to Tuon and the world that the Empress, (may she suffer a terminal wedgie) is not one bit different than all the collared subhuman Damane. Caveatar
  14. You might try re-reading in a different manner. The Wheel of Time re-read by Leigh Butler at Tor.com is one good way. While waiting for Towers of Midnight I read all available Dragonmount and Theoryland postings for the previous five years. Then I ran across the Tor.com WoT reread and read all of that. Leigh does chapter summaries and commentary which are then followed by several very knowledgeable people commenting. That was also very informative as well as very entertaining. I learned several things about the books from the differing viewpoints which I had not previously considered. I recommend it to ease the pain of withdrawal. :D Caveatar The Thirteenth Depository is also a great source for information and insight although lately hasn't had a lot of update or input from members.
  15. That is how it appears to be in my view. Apparently only the personality dies and is replaced with a different personality which develops with the newborn individual and depends on nurture to an extent. As Rand Sedai told Min; "This time I was raised better.". With a few special cases. The Heroes of the Horn appear to be such strong personalities that they are reserved for future recycling basically as themselves. Their characteristics seem to repeat in new lives. Same soul, same basic pattern of characteristics, new body, new lifeline until next recycling. Birgitte is not always Birgitte but appears to be often, if not always, to be a Bowshooting Babe and to be attracted to ugly men. (Or to be attracted to great looking men who everyone else thinks is ugly.) So a WoT death appears to be only death of personality, but as far as that matters to most people that is the same as being as dead as Pontius Pilate. Dead all over. For good. I may be the reborn soul of an Egyptian slave but THAT person is gone! So I guess death is death for Randlanders just like everybody else as far as that goes. I still think that RJ probably considered the idea of Nirvana and maybe Rand will achieve it just to give the poor bastard's soul a rest. The problem is that not only must 'enlightenment' be achieved, (Rand seems to have found that. :D ) but I think perfection or total purity of being has to be there too. I am pretty sure Rand Sedai/LTT isn't totally pure yet. Thanks for the replies. Caveatar
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