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  1. Hey Sutt (and anyone else getting an early copy) I'd really like a non spoiler review by pm if you write one. I understand if you don't want to put it on a public thread until the 8th, if you send a pm to someone on here then please add me to your list. Same with anyone really since everyone here will understand what you can say without giving anything away! Meanwhile I'll be avoiding things like reddit until after I've got my own copy!
  2. Hahahaha this is what Leigh Butlers inner voice sounds like!
  3. I might get the audiobook because those take aaaaaggggeeeessssssssssss to listen to :)
  4. It's just cause she is so damn hot, isn't it? Admit it.
  5. Perrin telling people he can go into Wolfyland and do stuff and talk to wolves and smell emotions instead of just standing there saying nothing. Perrin showing people how to make weapons that have bonus points for shadowspawn instead of just standing there dying nothing letting them think he's only discovered power weapons thus keeping another ability to himself. Would be good arrowheads I reckon. Tuon becoming an initiate to the WT and beating Egweens record for being able to get her bum smacked more times thany of the other naughty novices. Mat to get a chance to dice with the Dark One, win, go double or quits and then declair 'ante up, bitch'
  6. It would be great if he could fill the eye back up with the True Power and access it whilst at SG but that's just me thinking crazy. Back on topic : i liked reading this theory but I don't see it being possible and I also think it rhymes to much with prior events so if it did happen like this I'd be a bit miffed. It would be a good story in another age maybe, a nice rhyme that would fit in the larger wheel of time theme.
  7. Maybe he was texting? Eh rubbish joke. But still maybe he was passing a note to some lassy he'd like to ask to Beltane. But no. Herid was right in the previous post, if it was dialogue it'd "have inverted commas" he said.
  8. I guess not as you apparently didn't get what I was saying. I'm out at night, was waiting for friends and fired off a quick post typing too fast ahead of my thoughts (which is exactly what I said) without paying much attention to specifics. Why would you think an iPhone would auto correct hear/here and what does that have to do with me being the poster for you? What an odd thing to say, kinda creeps me out actually. Is there some sort of language barrier here?What is even stranger is Terez made a well worded post and I was agreeing with her. Her and I communicate outside of these forums and she was tweaking my mistake in good fun. Why even comment? @Agitel You actually make a number of good points as well. It is a complicated issue all around. Ha the funniest thing is definitely that you didn't realise I was pulling your leg matey!
  9. Ha, turns out hear hear works fine on my iPhone, Sutt, you're obviously not the poster for me! Ha deary me, this is an emotional thread. I think Luckers was trying to say that he believes Brandon is the author for him but he feels disappointed because Brandon didn't achieve what Luckers believes he is capable of. Meanwhile he still respects Brandon for the work and effort. Luckers recognises there are extraneous factors, such as his own impotence to influence the final product and likewise the ability of the beta readers, many of whom are his friends. Concurrently Luckers wants to refute what Peter said regarding the point of the beta readers as he believes there has been a series of failures regarding the process of team Jordan. Subsequently Luckers believes linking the delayed publication to the beta readership process is redirecting fan frustration and assigning the duty of quality control onto a group of people who wanted but were refused that role. At least that's how I read it. I think that forums are a good place for public debate. I am not sure that Luckers presented his open letter to Peter as well as he could have, in the same way that he believes Brandon didn't write WoT as he could have. Luckers thinks Brandon should have worked better on his letter by Mat to Elayne - much like how Luckers himself probably knows he could have written this very letter to Peter better had he taken a few more minutes/hours/weeks or listened to a friends advice, talked to people who've written and read letters before.... And so on.
  10. Not really, we don't have that sort of thing in English. It's not to do with formality it's a way of the character putting emphasis on the father part to draw attention to it and to distance the verb from the pronoun, it certainly is a common feature of our language. In my opinion - I hasten to add, like my last post was too - I'm Scottish and Oscar Wilde thought we and dubliners were the only ones left who spoke English properly. I don't have a degree though so don't quote me on it my evidence is anecdotal.
  11. It says your father and you as it is a device to put the father as the signifanct person in the sentence. It's not nice English to read but it is actually an effective way of communicating when the emphasis is so clearly supposed to enhance the persona of 'your father'. Ordering it differently would make the father element secondary to the other pronoun. I am not a fan of people saying that they should like to do something, it's an over used way of speaking by American authors who, quite frankly, have a different dialect to British people and don't necessarily appreciate the nuances of English, and for instance why we don't have a subjunctive.
  12. @randomer Could you please explain in an articulate manner what the problem is in you #2? I see you quote the book and you state that there is a conflict but you're not clear on the conflict. Cheers
  13. Absolutely, good point. Rand knows this. From his point of view he doesn't have a choice.
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