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  1. If you have to stab yourself, you might as well use gold. At least it'll be awesome!

  2. Dear Jake Thompson, you sir, are fabulous =) that's about it

  3. Did I miss something? What's this talk about white powder?
  4. I heard a car engine today sound like dub step.... Wubwubwubwubwub

  5. Wow. I'm overly tired and high and stressed, and now my body just feels horrible and I want to fall over and not get up for a week

  6. Sitting here is like watching Law and Order...... But Live! And without all the semen

  7. Boy, you make me smile =)

  8. There are two best quotes throughout the book. Granted I don't have the book in front of me, so these are not exact....Still, they brought tears to my eyes. Hilarious. Mat- "Welcome to Hinderstap. We'll kill you in the night and eat your bloodyfaces. Try the pie." Rand- "Sit down at the table and make her think you're playing her game. Then you punch her in the face as hard as you can."
  9. The only music that I can ever really think of while reading, is the CD I was listening to when I first read TEotW. Music for People by VAST. I don't know how well it actually fits, but it always brings me back to that time when I hear it.
  10. No....Galad cannot channel....neither can Gawyn or Mat.
  11. This past reread I've been trying to use the proper pronunciations, but I said screw it. My pronunciations have always been Siuan- Shawn Nyn- Nigh-veen egy- Ug-ween Seanchan- Shawn-chan Moiraine- More-rain Aiel- Eye-eel And for cuillender (sp?) Qu-lender
  12. Yeah, what would happen if they were stilled again, then healed by a Male? Or could a male just try to heal them again while they were still able to chanel? Hmmmm....Ponder ponder ponder
  13. I wonder if he's going to try to talk Tuon into taking his last name....That would be funny.
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