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  1. Is anyone else bothered by Elayne and Rand's apparent inability to use the Warder bond? Multiple times Elayne asks where Rand is, and they seem unable to get a sense what each other are thinking. It seems that in order to convey thoughts, BS uses conversation instead of narration, which results in mix ups like this.
  2. How could he, if the Choedan Kal are not flawed like Callandor?
  3. I like to think of the Finn portals as Ter'angreal that tie invisible strings to people who enter. The strings lead back to dimension of Randland. When the portal was destroyed, the string was cut, and all bonds to Randland's dimension were cut as well.
  4. Could you point us to the source of this info? I just don't remember this, and you being a long member of DM I believe you, I just wonder where it's from.
  5. The 13th Depository has a wealth of information regarding character parallels. http://13depository.blogspot.com/2002/03/character-parralels-rand.html
  6. Has the seventh Seal been found? I remember Rand wondering where it was, but haven't finished my reread yet. My guess is this is one of the things she asks for. What better place to hide a seal, than with a bunch of hoarders on another world? Edit: Oops, guess it's been found. My bad, for failing to use my resources.
  7. I've questioned this before, and I believe it was yoniy0 who pointed out that Laman died on the battlefield outside the Shining walls. For him to get from there to the slopes of dragonmount might be a stretch. Also, why would the 2nd captain of Illian kill the King of Cairhien? Wouldn't there be witnesses?
  8. Winner. I really thought Rand would be more excited and stunned by this. Maybe constantly thinking back to it. It just wasn't enough.
  9. Anyone else read this as Rand talking to Lew Therin, but it's different because they're one now? The conversation would have been Lews Therin with one thought, and Rand with the other, talking to him. Or vice versa. Either way, it made me giggle with glee.
  10. I don't think it would be a major character because this is something that RJ would have planned. But I don't think it can be Talmanes either because, even if he does not die, readers now expect him to die from his wounds. Also, from the quote, BS says that they succombs to their wounds but a character dies (the bold is mine). I would interpret this as a group of secondary characters gets wounded and one of them dies. So my guess would be one of the Wise Ones, or either Berelain or Galad. It's growing more popular in common day English to use "they" and "their" instead of "he or she"
  11. If he does help the light, I do not think it will be intentional. Slayer is very clearly in Camp Bad Guys. I think his assistance will be something accidental, like most enactments of foretellings. An event such as Slayer accidentally killing a forsaken or dieing and being mistaken for Rand or Lan could be what satisfies the foretelling.
  12. I believe your Shyamalan plot twist was satisfied with Verin in TGS. I wouldn't expect another one. I believe aMoL will be more about tying up those final plot lines and marching Rand to his death. As for the complaints about "None of the Above"-ers ruining this thread, I believe people are just trying to challenge you to defend your theory. Playful speculation and hope is fun, but can only go so far. The real fun begins when you must defend your point with evidence :D.
  13. I completely agree with these. I went back through my old list, and ranked them from most impossible to least impossible. Also, I wrote pros and cons in favor of a feat being impossible. Keep in mind that there is a book left, and Rand can do some more impossible. Impossibles: 1. Die and Live again 2. Cleanse the Taint from Saidin 3. Re-prison the Dark One (Pros: Amazing feat; Cons: Everyone expects him to) 4. Recovered from Madness (Pros: Everyone assumes that a male channeller will go mad) 5. Destroyed Cuendillar ( Domination Band and eventually Dark One Seals ) 6. Brought
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