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What ith thith plathe?


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Thith ith not where I wath exthpecting to be. I knew we should have taken the thecond left after thtarbuckth. Thtupid vampireth.


I gueth I had might ath well make the motht of it now though.


Greetingth, I am Igor - thientitht, mortithian and incredibly good looking guy. Parth of me are over a hundred yearth old. Me and my fellow Monthterth were looking for a Halloween Party at the Black Lagoon but theem to have ended up here inthtead, wherever here ith.


We do intend to party thtill - tho if anyone can recommend a good thpot for uth to set up camp that would be ethcellent.


Igor :myrddraal:

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Well thith theems like a nithe friendly plathe. Perhapth it won't turn out too bad after all.


Hello Elgee - what beautiful fingerth you have. Let me know when you have finished with them and I will take them of your handth.


Ithi ithi - what a delightful name. Why it jutht tripth off the tongue like a thpring thonnet!


Greetinth TiM - I thee you followed the thtupid vampirth inthructionth ath well. It theems like we may have a lot of fun her though :wink:


Hello Aiel Heart - I think I like you too. You have a body part in your name and hearth can be tho difficult to find. I will add you to my litht. I have read the WoT bookth of courth. I think I like Padan Fain the betht - and the parth when they are in the wayths and that evil wind thtuff ith after them - remindth me of The Fog!


Threadth - retht athured there are more fearthome creatureth than me within thith mortal plane. My fellow compatriath will arrive thoon.


*spooky music*

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Greetingth Ledinna and Turin. My favourite Forethaken? Hmmm, perhapth I would actually clath them ath being a Chothen, theeing ath I am from the darker end of the thpectrum. I'm going to have to go for Moghedien. I think we would get along thwimmingly. I've alwayth liked hiding in the thadows mythelf - and the thpider thing she hath going ith jutht delightful.


You pronounth my name eeeeeegor - unleth you are a bloody vampire and then it ith uthually oi! or hey you! They are the motht demanding of creatureth it theems.


Hello BelRobin ... Rinthwind? Hmmmm never heard of him. You mutht be thinking of my cousin Igor. People often thay we look alike.

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Why thank you Thindy. You theem to be a creature of thpirit and perhapth a little thadow too? Perhapth we could arrange a little trytht next week? :wub:


I am making arrangementh for a more thuitable accomodathion for me and my fellow Monthterth, tho we are not dithturbing thethe boardth any more. It will thuit you down to the ground I think and you don't have to join to jutht vithit. It can be our little thecret.


Igor :lithp:

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