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Hello all.. I'm Grishnak or Grish. Been reading the books for a while now. Had EotW sitting on my bookshelf unread for ages (so to speak). Then I got a haircut and my barber and I got to discussing books. WoT came up and I thought.. Hmmm... I've got that book. Picked it up and have yet to put them down. lol

Just finished book 6 (Lord of Chaos) and am about to start #7.

Was greatly amused at the forum topics and the general Egwene bashing (I happen to like her :tongue: ). I am also amused by everyone saying how repetitive and verbose the series is, yet it has a huge enough following to actually have a fan site. :biggrin:

Look forward to many a discussion about this wonderful (yet plodding) series!

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Yay, I'm the first!


Welcome to DM Grish!


Isn't it wonderful having such a community to talk about WoT? And that they actually understand when you talk about the books :smile: (I know my friends don't)

In addition to general WoT discussions I recommend the social groups (I'm an Initiate in WT and an Ogier :happy:) and role playing. I have to let further explaining for more experienced members 'cause I'm pretty new as well. I can still say that you made the right choice as you joined DM!


Actually I like Egwene too, so *raises her hand for high five*

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don't listen to her she's flustered because she was seen running :P


Welcome to the "We Love Egwene Club." We actually are a majority, but the one's who don't like her tend to be louder so everyone thinks us a minority ;D


Welcome to dm Grish!!!!


I'll give you a rundown on the parts because it save confusion. There are three main parts to the boards:

1) General discussion--talk about the books, how much you love Egwene, some plot lines or foretellings or whatnot that you want to talk about, go there!

2) Social boards--where we get to know each other and have fun!!! (I'm part of 4 of these, plus of guild, and am thinking of adding another ;) )

3) Rp--which stands for "role-play" where you write your own adventure in randland


Any questions?

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You have still many good books in front of you. Be careful what forums you visit if you don´t want to read spoilers.

Yes.. I've found that out already :unsure:

Visited 'What do you hate about...' and found out that


Moraine returns




Faile gets kidnapped by the Shaido



It's ok though.. I'll enjoy reading all about that. And skimming the whole chase. lol


Welcome to the "We Love Egwene Club." We actually are a majority, but the one's who don't like her tend to be louder so everyone thinks us a minority

'Love' is a strong word. 'Don't dislike' is probably closer. lol I've tried and tried to explain to people that 'loud' doesn't equal 'right'. :wink:

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