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  1. I'm personally a Perrin fan.. I just don't want to be side-lined by nonsense.
  2. Well.. There's quite a bit I DID skip already that I knew within a few paragraphs it would have no bearing on the storyline. I'm not afraid to skip to get to the end result. I'm not a back-page reader, but I do want to get to the point instead of reading all about the Shaido. The Shaido side-story arc leaves me
  3. So... I just started Winter's Heart. I had already heard that Faile was going to get kidnapped and that it drags on for books and adds nothing to the story. Admittedly, I've already skipped chapters upon chapters in the earlier books that had no bearing on the story. Thoughts?
  4. Grishnak01


  5. All good my good man. I can glance and NOT read.. if you take my meaning. Please don't take my tomfoolery as admonishment.
  6. Ack! Closes eyes.. SPOILERS SPOILERS!! I just finished reading Crown of Swords.
  7. I may not have gotten that far in the series. I'm remembering the whole walk through the school and the (namesss...) proprietress introducing him to various people (who, of course... all have names)... Random talks with Fel.. The only tidbit I know from all that is a random indecipherable thought scrawled on a piece of paper, which.. we could have gotten without delving into the character.
  8. Just finished Crown of Swords. You'll enjoy it. You can skip a chapter or three... No.. really. I skipped a whole section that had to do with a Forsaken.. I skipped a few sections with the Shaido and I didn't miss a danged thing.
  9. In regards to introducing characters that have no use. I mentioned earlier (didn't I? ) that he'd introduce characters only to kill them off later. One of the characters that came to mind recently was the whole 'school' scenes. What was the deal with that? Rand gained nothing.. He just discussed philosophy with the 'beloved professor' character.. He called Min pretty and distracting... Then was killed off. Useless waste of my time that had NO bearing on the story.
  10. Just got done reading CoS and Rand used Gateways in his battle with Sammael(?). A lot of people are mentioning using it for guerrila attacks. There's many times referenced that they couldn't gate into wherever because of the wards and traps for channelers. There was a time in the book where Rand opened a gate REAL close to an AM and hoped he'd lose a hand, so the thoughts DO occur to them to slice people with them. I don't know why they never did though.
  11. I voted for Lanfear until I read a bit further down and someone mentioned Min. There's an internal beauty that makes a woman hot. Like someone said.. Min if you DON'T like bat crazy. lol Not that I'd vote for her, but where is Morraine on the poll?
  12. Ohhhhhhhhh... So Myrelle was one of that group. Ok.. That makes sense as to why Egwene needed to snag her upon passing. And no wonder I didn't remember. Sometimes it's hard to keep all the AS straight as to who's doing what where. ;)
  13. Therein lies the question. Somehow I missed how Nyn knew that Marigan was Moghedien. Just because Nyn gave her forkroot doesn't tell me how she knew to look in Salidar for her.
  14. Ok... As of right now, I'm reading CoS. I'm to the point where Egwene discovers that Lan has 'returned' after Morraine's death. When she was talking to Siuan in her tent prior to that, Egwene saw Myrelle riding by. Immediately, she ran out to confront her and appeared angry with her. I've gone back and forth in the previous chapters, but can't seem to find why Egwene needed to confront her about anything. From what I gathered, it involved the contingent sent to the White Tower, but when I go back to where Sheriam 'fesses up about that, Myrelle's name isn't mentioned. Of course, the book went off on another tangent (Lan's return) and as of now, I don't have an answer and it doesn't appear that it's going to tell me. On a side note (from way back when)... When Mog(whatever) got defeated by Nyn and Bridgette, the next book went to Mog(whatever) being captured and 'leashed'. I somehow missed how it was determined that Mog was the refugee. Would someone be willing to fill in these gaps? Thanks!
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