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[2010 Ghoulies] Biggest Kiss up


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Sometimes people are so pleasing you just have to stab them. We all know people like that, right? Well, here at Shayol Ghul, we have an award just for them! For that member who is always sucking up to me the leaders. Personally, I think they're great, which is probably why I was asked to present this award. So, without further ado....


The Biggest Kissup Award for 2010 goes to....


*looks for the winner in the crowd. Can't find the winner*


Excuse me just one minute......











Okay, Sorry, I'm back. The award goes to those members who are currently having a 3-way....
























A 3-way tie that is! What were you thinking?




Christine, ed2funy & ineedfourberfs


Congratulations! *stabs all three*

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How the hell did Ed get that kind of action?



I don't think Ed would know what to do in that situation...






I'm pretty sure I'd actively expressed a willingness to mutiny multiple times since my return. I must have sent the bribes to the wrong people.


Either way! 3 way! Well, a two-way anyway. Ed was on cam-duty. Expect a release mid-winter 2012.

You can get the crappy version for ten dollars, or the HD version for 45.




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