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[2010 Ghoulies] Biggest Member Comeback of '10


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Backstage Adella attempts one last time to compose herself, as public speaking is very far from her greatest skill. Seeing Eddie exit stage left, she takes a deep breath and moves to enter stage right, but Eddie stops her before she hits the stage and hands her a flask. No questions asked, she downs the contents and rushes on stage before she can chicken out.



Welcome to the presentation of another of our 2010 Ghoulie Awards. I am here to present the *HICCUP* uhm.. Sorry, that was very embarrassing... *a Ful walks on stage and hands her a glass of water* Oh thank you *takes the glass and stabs the Ful, kicking his head body off the stage to he doesn't steal her spotlight*



Now, where was I? *notices the glass of water in her hand* Who brought me this?! I specifically asked for an italian soda! Idiot people never get anything *HICCUP* Oh my... *drinks the glass of water* Maybe that will *HICCUP* Oh no... *sees the crowd watching her expectantly, begins to feel a little nauseous*



Uhm.. Well, the nominees for this prestigious award are:

Demigod Who in the world...? Did he even post in 2010??

mottlee Child doesn't even know how to capitalize their own name...

ineedfourberfs Beiber is putting on a show?!

Roxinos I'm beginning to think we had monkeys pick names out of a hat.

Blackhoof Didn't he JOIN in 2010? How do you make a comeback from not being a member at all??

Twitch These monkey's are crazy...

CosmicPanda From being our leader to not being around, greeeat comeback.



*HICCUP* You people are thick, these nominee's are lame, did everyone just go and nominate themselves?!

I suppose that IS SG for you though... *HICCUP* I'm going to KILL Ed if he just got me drunk...























And the winner is....







































Coming up after this commercial break!



































































Now that we have made some money from our sponsors... The winner:






























Maybe if we applaud really loudly he will do an impromptu concert when he comes to accept his award!!!!!

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The lights go down as the crowd applauds, and Berf Beiber makes his to the stage, looking vaguely Indonesian for some reason.


This song goes out to all who voted for me. Apologies in advance.





When I first joined SG, I uhm. Can't remember what I was thinking, really. There was some stuff going on, and I left, but now I'm back! And here more rarely than ever! I'd like to dedicate this award to all those who keep posting funny stuff and also especially Krak, who does everything I've previously mentioned only 10 times better.


Krak for pres, ya'all! Let's get political up in this bitch!



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Oh, Internet, you are a tennis ball and I am a puppy. You baffle and infuriate me, and yet I never tire of you.




Also Hax, why do you never give it back to me when you bring it over for me to throw?


You confuse me, metaphorical hax-puppy. Confuse me, and melt my heart.


NVM, this late entry usurped the Hax-emon

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