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Greetings from Texas. New to the WoT. Started WoT in December 2010 and currently 1/4 through Lord of Chaos. Amazing stuff. Take care and may you always find shade!


"No wine for me. Strange enough things happen when my head is clear." - Matrim Cauthon


"I do read sometimes." - Matrim Cauthon

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Thanks everyone


Tynaal Consen - Lol, never speed dated. def not a pro but should prolly look into it since i've been waaay to single for waaaay to long lol.


Amadine - Chapter 12 Moghedien and Nynaeve drama.


Elgee - :) you're welcome


Talmanes - appreciate the warning. Perhaps I'll swing by the Black Tower.

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Finished LOC yesterday. Deep breath....slow exhale....Shew, that was awsome...blown away by what the Asha'man did (HOLY SMOKES!). Nearly laughed and cried madly all at once like LTT might.


I'm exhausted now lol. I don't remember exactly when I started reading the first book but I'm pretty sure it was Decemberish. Everytime I finish one I feel very satisfied in one way but on the flip side for some reason I feel like my dog just died.


I have some questions though but unfortunately I quickly noticed that even the non-spoiler sections have some monster spoilers!!! More or less explosive spoilers everwhere throughout the forums!!! YIKES!!! Searching for answers on these forums make me NERVOUS! I can hardly wait to catch up with everyone else and partake in the discussions freely:) At moment though I feel I have no choice other than to be that guy that asks millions of questions that have been answered a billion times and everyone hates seeing.


Anyway I've noticed most posts are deep discussion and not some noob making a query.


Is there anyone willing to pm with me??? 6 books is just too much to go back through and hunt for little nuggets of missed info. They're good questions I promise.



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I'm sortof in the same boat you are, although I'm up to Winter's Heart. So, feel free to PM me anything... I've read the first five books some three times and have re-read so much as I go through (so many favorite scenes that deserve more than one reading!) so I might be able to help. Besides, I'm sure they are the same kinds of questions I had when I first started reading the series. :biggrin:


Welcome to DM!

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