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A patch of Blight


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I finally finished the book. So I'm coming back to the forums for the first time since it's been out.

I don't know if this has been discussed, but when I read the scene when the maidens showed Perrin the blight looking ground I had an idea of what happened to cause it.



Is it possible that the Trollocs we've seen attack out of nowhere are actually not coming from Portal stones?

We of course know that shadowspawn are being moved using the Ways and Portal Stones; however, I think this is something different.

Tylee was attacked by Shadowspawn in The Gathering Storm. At the time we had no idea where they came from.

I believe they were hanging out in the blight, gathering with other Trollocs, when all of a sudden the patch of ground they were standing on repositioned.


I believe the Trollocs that attacked Tylee, and the patch of blight that is near Perrin is actually caused by the same thing that is causing the Tower Rooms to change places. Unraveling of the pattern perhaps?

We've seen entire levels of the tower switch place, and hallways inside other buildings like the Stone are changing positions too. Why not the land itself?


Is it possible that entire acres of land are switching places? In the case of Tylee's battle, when the land switched (with land in the Blight) it took Trollocs with it?

I believe the patch of blight near Perrin also switched places with land in the Blight.


There is no reason to believe that the Forsaken would want to show their hand by having a small force of Trollocs attack Tylee's force – by way of Portal stones or Ways. They wouldn't want that secret to get out early.

Tylee's army was strong enough to defeat the Trollocs. Why would any Forsaken let the Seanchan know that Trollocs can appear out of nowhere until it's time to strike with a much more considerable force?

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That's a very neat notion. Don't know if I'd call it a reliable way of transferring Shadowspawn, but it's still very cool if that happened.


I don't think the Dark One is using it to transfer shadowspawn.

I think it's just a part of the pattern unraveling, and the Wheel trying to correct it.


I don't think the room swapping, and in this case land swapping, is something the Dark One controls, so much as it's just part of the damage being done by balefire.

I think when the trollocs attacked Tylee, they were transported there by whatever is causing reality to change.

I don't think the Dark Forces are using it to transfer troops. I think this band of trollocs just got caught up in the swap.



Perrin also found that odd little town. That's either hinting at a city of Red-Veils in the Blight, or it's from Shara.

Either way, it seemed obvious to me as soon as I read that scene that the inside of buildings aren't the only things that are experiencing this Swapping effect.

I can't think of another way that patches of land are showing up out of nowhere, or any reason for the Forsaken to move a spot of Blight.


We don't know of any way for an entire patch of ground, or part of a village to suddenly appear in the Wetlands.

Most people believe that the levels in the tower swapping are the result of the pattern fraying, and trying to correct itself. It seems logical that the same thing would happen other places.

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But where does Nantucket end up?


Central Germany. In 1632.


Wrong state ^_^. Nantucket would need to show up on a body of water. Hmm. The Baltic in 1632? [Well, the water would be a little shallow, but so what?]



Well, actually, Nantucket ends up ... where Nantucket is now. A little chuck of West Virginia ends up in Central Germany.


But my point, aside from being a wiseass, is that Jordan wouldn't do the transmigrated piece of the Blight because that has been done too recently. Tributes to Tolkein are one thing; employing a device that seems to directly rip-off another current, popular series seems unlikely.

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what other series has land swapping going on? I think the idea is great. and if it is in another series who is to say RJ didnt come up with first, and this other writer isnt trying to out do his original idea with the tower swapping (which RJ would have already thought of the land changing effects when he started the tower swapping cause he is just that awesome).

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Two series, actually, which we have neatly jumbled up in this thread.


The first is SM Stirling's Nantucket series, which began with Island in the Sea of Time. There is some sort of event, of unknown origin, that swaps the present day Nantucket, including its contents and people, with the Nantucket of Bronze Age. Hilarity ensues.


The other is Eric Flint's 1632 and its sequels, in which a small town in modern-day West Virginia is mysteriously relocated to central Germany in the midst of the 30 Years War.


Island in the Sea of Time can out in 1998, and 1632 cam out in 2000. I have no idea if Jordan read Flint, but I would be willing to bet that there is almost zero chance that he wasn't familiar with Stirling.

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