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  1. Haven't run into any wOT in real life - but a few close calls: A hockey player for the Bruins last season was Miroslav Satan - however, it is pronounced Shah-tahn. Had a game on in the living room, I was in the kitchen when I hear "..and Shai'tan clears it out of the zone!!". A near miss, because we all know the real GLOTD wears a Flyers jersey. There's a used car dealer down the road named "Lewis Henry Auto Sales" - I keep seeing the sign as "Lews Therin" instead.
  2. Fall 1990 / Spring 1991 for me - freshman year of college. I had seen the trade and regular paperback copies of EOTW in bookstores for a few months, and picked one up to see what the fuss was about. A few months later TGH came out in trade paperback. I lurked/posted on both newsgroups - the already mentioned rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan and I think the other one was alt.fan.jordan And yes, I still have my first copy of EOTW.
  3. After trying to keep up with 160+ pages of posts, and rereading books 4-6, here's what has struck me about the "unnoticed thing" so far: - Nynaeve and Elayne were compulsed by Moghedien in Tanchico. Nynaeve managed to remember it when fighting Moggy. I don't recall it being mentioned if Elayne has been feed of it. What if both of them are still under the compulsion? - At the beginning of TSR, a bubble of evil causes reflections of Rand to jump out of mirrors and attack him. Did this have any effect on Rand? Shortly after, Lanfear makes an appearance, and Rand is able to access Lews T
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