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  1. Actually, I understand that someone did a statistical analysis, and found that red-shirts don't actually have a higher chance of dieing (well, apart from the first few episodes). Only popular oppinion says that red-shirts die quickly. Now, the analysis could have been wrong, but it is the sort of thing that mathematicians might do, but not most other people. Were they analyzing the original series or did they include Next Generation? Well, I don't know. I do know they weren't doing it by uniform color, but by job (so changing uniform colors between series wouldn't be an issue).
  2. Probably because Jordan said that a bond could be released, but only if the Warder was present? Now, transferring the bond apparently doesn't require the Warder to be present (Lan didn't know Moiraine had set it up), but Moiraine says that it will transfer on her death. Moiraine can't lie (not Black Ajah), so that would suggest that she had to "die," or some condition Moiraine didn't know about.
  3. Well, the a'dam was created (originally, and all of the copies) with saidar, since it was about 2000 years post-breaking. So, while most ter'angreal were made in the Age of Legends (presumably with saidar and saidin), the a'dam is a special case.
  4. Come on, having morning tea on the launch deck of Big-E sounds awesome! Imagine how much you could charge people for it! And what if someone really pissed you off? Well you have all the fighterjets/deck guns to have fun with :-P A. I have to say that a "full-size, fully working model of the USS Enterprise" would probably not include aircraft. At least, the Eelfinn are unlikely to include the aircraft (or fuel, ammo, spare parts, or crew). If you add "fully equiped and crewed," well, now you've got yourself a nice ship. (Er, "in a usable location" - otherwise the ship will tip over. Since you wanted the starship, that makes it a little harder.) Actually, I understand that someone did a statistical analysis, and found that red-shirts don't actually have a higher chance of dieing (well, apart from the first few episodes). Only popular oppinion says that red-shirts die quickly. Now, the analysis could have been wrong, but it is the sort of thing that mathematicians might do, but not most other people.
  5. I'm really curious: why does everyone assume that the gate at Tear is destroyed? Yes, I know that the description of the gate is that it was destroyed, but Mat's luck says that was the way out. I don't remember that Mat specified that the way out had to appear open, and my immediate reaction to him getting to the gate was "well, go through it."
  6. For another truly epic score, go here and download the long version of "Chosen" from the composer's (Robert Duncan) official website. It always makes me think of Rand when I hear it. I can see Cadsuane going out in a blaze of glory after exposing Taim as a Darkfriend or Forsaken. The Asha'man won't like learning their M'Hael is a Darkfriend. Well, they at least won't like the response from the rest of the world to the M'Hael being a Darkfriend. Many, if not most, already know (and are also Darkfriends).
  7. nope. RJ said so. It's actually interesting that the same term was used, that's cool, it doesn't guarantee that Nynaeve lives. Because while all of min's fortellings are about the future, there is a problem with the baby with a sword. Min can't see aviendha's children clearly, which I think means that aviendha gives birth after the last battle, and Elayne's children will be born shortly before TG. And as far as we know Nyn isn't pregnant yet, and definitely isn't gonna crank out a little warder in advance of the LB. I might be misreading that thing about avi's kiddoes, maybe the difference is that for avi to get pregnant, the pattern and rand have to continue after the LB. Elayne is only about 4 months pregnant at the moment. So, maybe 5 months at TG, which is probably way too early for the kids to be "healthy" at birth.
  8. Got to get the list as of when you leave (it may take them a while to produce, so wouldn't want it to be out of date), and how to identify them. So: "I want the names (including aliases, specifying which one they are currently using) and addresses of all darkfriends in the world at the time I return to the normal world, in writing that I can read that will survive as long as it takes to hunt down and deal with them all." Of course, that is really a wish, not a question.
  9. Central Germany. In 1632. Wrong state ^_^. Nantucket would need to show up on a body of water. Hmm. The Baltic in 1632? [Well, the water would be a little shallow, but so what?]
  10. Uh, capital of Seanchan, actually. Imfaral, actually. The capital of Seanchan is Seandar. I take it most people in this thread skim the wind scenes. Oops. I read the wind scene, but don't have the book (I got it from the library). Also, Seanchan geography is not something I've focused on very much (since we don't really ever see it).
  11. jumara = the grown up worms Actually, jumara is what worms were called in the Age of Legends. Yes, but they're also stuck in the current stage of their life-cycle, for some unspecified reason. As I recall, what we know of jumara and worms is: 1) The Forsaken are scared of Worms (Asmodean, I think, had a policy of opening stasis boxes, until the idea of finding a Worm was pointed out to him, and it seemed like he changed his mind). 2) There are juvenile jumara in the Blight. 3) Randlanders (well, Aes Sedai and Borderlanders, really) call juvenile jumara worms. The Forsaken find this amusing. The point of this is that Worms and jumara do not seem to be the same species (although it could be that adult jumara are worms, it seems unlikely that they would have two names, both used by the Forsaken). So, jumara, juvenile or adult, are probably much less dangerous than Worms.
  12. yes, we do know that. when she tells suroth that she killed the empress she mentions this: That just means that she say it, not that she was kneeling before it, feeling the urge to obey, etc, etc. This seems to me to be a shaky argument from which to extropolate that channelers are immune from the effects of the Crystal Throne. As I recall, the effect of the Crystal Throne is to instill awe towards whoever is sitting on it in anyone present. Which might not actually stop Semirhage from killing the Empress Radhanan. (Hmm. I think that is the only time Tuon's mother's name is mentioned. Interesting.)
  13. Uh, capital of Seanchan, actually. Saldea's towers are Blightborder towers, and are thus always manned. (Although, Saldea also has more of a fortress just north of its capital, not towers).
  14. The One Power is a hermaphrodite! As for loose ends, I dont think we will ever learn about Beidemon in the books, as in whether Lews Therin knew anything of him etc. Ive always liked the idea of Beidemon being Asmodean and always having been Lanfears sidekick, but of course theres nothing to back that up. Beidemon is the man who helped Lanfear drill the bore, no? If so, Jordan noted that Lanfear was the only major figure from that project who went to the Shadow, and that Beidemon was reviled once the result of his work was realized (Dark One loose), and committed suicide as a result. Regardless, we know Asmodean's original name (I don't remember it, but it is in the Guide).
  15. From what we know of Pedron Niall I think it is fair to say he would call her Mother and kiss the ring for proprieties sake... while having 10 diff plots spinning in his head as to how to use the summons to his advantage. Galad most definitely with how he was brought up would as well. Neither would grovel though and Valda, he would have ignored the summons and handed over the messenger to Asunawa as a dark friend. I disagree entirely. Much has been made (much, much, much) about how it would be difficult politically for Elayne to be seen as accepting help from Rand in securing Andor. What do you think it would do to the standing of a Lord Captain Commander who kissed the ring of the Chief Witch? It could never happen. He might have to obey a summons (although we have only the word of a White Tower partisan for that. A White Tower partisan trying to impress on another character the importance of the Amyrlin seat) but he would never grant her the formal respect she expects. I bet he'd turn his back on the Amyrlin Seat, too. I can hear Egwene spluttering from here. Depends - could he get away with it? He know the witches have an army, and wouldn't be stupid enough to meet with him without significant forces present (even if he doesn't know where), so he would have to consider his ability to do anything after insulting an Amyrlin to her face (dead men do very little of import in politics, except sometimes vote).
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