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  1. Yea I take it that the Singing is a ability, like being a Dreamer or a Wolfbrother or anything else like that. The words they sing are probably not so important in that they sing together to focus their power into the task they are doing.
  2. They say in the books that the angreal and the Sa Angreal Boost your power hugely, its not just small increases. Someone with an Angreal may even already be more powerfull than a circle of 72. But your connection to the one power is still the same, so your natural defense from holding the power probably isnt improved much if at all by the angreal or saangreal, however your weaves for fighting against the shield will be stronger.
  3. using the DO own power against him worked in the end so neither saidar or saidin had to touch him.
  4. At least according to everyone in the books, Death can not be healed, however as with balefire it can be undone.
  5. There was no special power to the eye, it was essentially just a massive well. He could not channel any more strongly with the eye than he could directly from Saidin.
  6. It took everything he had and he did have an Angreal, hes destroyed massive armys before even on his own with no angreal, like in the Eye of the world. He said he should not have gone to Maradon because it weakened him to attack too severely. As for the shielding there probably has just never been anyone who withstood a shield from 13, not that it isn't possible. Likely him fighting it off protects him, but its strong enough that even holding the source as much as he can they will cut him off easily. So perhaps its just 13 can shield anyone if they aren't fighting the shield with their own weaves. A circle of 13 is only 13 times the strength of 1 person (unless they have angreal of their own) whereas angreal and saangreal make you orders of magnitude stronger, and a shield is still a weave so it can be overpowered with other weaves. So it may be possible when he said a full circle attempting to shield him it could be the maximum possible.
  7. at the last battle Gaidal Cain reborn would have been a baby. Birgitte would have been born right near the end of the last battle.
  8. The bore is not at Shayol Ghul, it is everywhere but the pattern is thinnest at Shayol Ghul so that is where the Dark One has the largest effect on the world.
  9. I think the OP is from the pattern and not the creator. If it is from the creator I would think he would control access to it, or remove it entirely to protect his creation from destruction. Also the creator is for non interference and so supplying his power to people would be interfering in his creation. The longevity is probably just some sort of self healing effect from being a channeler. When you use it you become more resistant to illness and disease, as well as aging, but it does not protect you entirely. I am gathering you have to channel sometimes for the effect or at least hold the source but its not something you have to do all the time just occasionally. People who can learn for example but have never channeled do not get the benefit and people who are burned out or stilled lose it and start aging normally from then on. I am not sure how the oath rod fits into it other than it appears to cut a persons life in half, it must create some sort of strain on the person and so their self healing is less effective. By self healing I don't mean like actual healing but more like a boost to their immune system and a increased protection from DNA damage somehow.
  10. yea im off the thought the age of legends follows our age, and it started with the rediscovery of the one power. Possibly after some catastrophic war maybe not though, but after a large period of conflict anyway. As to why the one power went away, I dunno, perhaps it never did go away and anyone who could channel were generally hidden from the rest of the world with very few ever becoming known, until it got exposed starting what became the age of legends.
  11. In general what i like least with most of the female characters is the misandry. Don't want to debate it so wont talk more of that. Also yea the bullying, However for her job the bullying does its trick. Not something I would like but it works. But most of what Egwene does is not a problem though. Her mind does get clouded when it comes to the Seanchan though, just the same as Rand with Aes Sedai and also confined spaces. Due to their treatment it makes them flawed and they make poor judgments, PTSD btw. Not that best when it comes to leading where you have to keep a level head. All the main characters have their flaws though. I like the ones more though that don't exhibit those flaws every 5 minutes. Perrin being one who did, as well as Elayne and Egwene. Oh and Gawyn.
  12. Egwene will have had past lives, but not in the way Rand does. She may have just been any ordinary person, or maybe a queen or anything else. Rand specifically like the heroes of the horn is bound to the pattern. Even Matt and Perrin are just ordinary people apart from being Taverin in this age. Jane Farstrider became a Hero and so his new lives after becoming bound to the horn will be to the requirements of the pattern. I am not sure if all Heroes are Taverin to any degree or not but maybe you do not need to be Taverin to do the patterns bidding. That is just required to bend other threads around you.
  13. I think the difference with what Perrin and Egwene did in TAR with Bela/Hopper is Perrin tried to bring the real hopper back which just is not possible. He can not retrieve the soul and return it to his creation. Whereas Egwene created a horse that is like Bela, but is not THE Bela, it has its own created personality which just resembles Bela. So I think its possible to create sorta generic animals and people, just not create something that IS the real thing. Like in the fear dreams you can have animals and people in them but they are just representations. Think of Perrin bringing back hopper to Rand trying to bring that child back to life in the Stone of Tear. Whereas Bela in TAR is like someone using something the mirror of mists to create an illusion, except in TAR you can give it physical form, which i guess in the real world could imitate physical form with weaves of air too.
  14. Yea, I agree, life was hard for everyone, it doesn't put it into massive amounts of detail, but by the end of the book people are dying left right and center. The whole worlds starving and most of the borderlands along with Caemlyn is completely destroyed. However it appears the Seanchan territory has fared the best of everywhere, have no idea where they found the food though.
  15. Aviendah's visions in the terangreal, she has a vision from one of her children's point of view. Who has always been able to channel and without much thought or effort into doing it.
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