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  1. in the case of those black ajah/sharans who might be able to eek outthe resistance, i think the tower will have a means set up to ensure no more evil is done by them, probably through the oath rod, if not simply putting them to death. what I would like to see would be the punishment for darkfreind channelers becoming that they are become leashed and become property of the seanchan empire. very little possibility that they would be able to do damage there.
  2. on aviendha being in the world of dreams, it has happened before, never on screen, but while egwene is going through her training with the wise ones aviendha states that the wise ones have to guide her to telaranrhiod because she is not powerful enough on her own. it seems to me that it is absolutely possible that she was in T'A'R.
  3. I always figured that the foretelling from Elaida was with regards to Rand and Elayne getting together, with regards to Luc I think his importance was to provide Perrin with the motivation to learn the wolf dream. the wolf dream is going to be vital to the last battle I think, more so than anything else. there are many qualities of shayol ghul that I think translate and correspond to T'A'R.
  4. wait what about the horn of valere act 3?????
  5. ok so on my listen through of the series, I thought of something, and i have been searching for somewhere on the forum that discusses this, I have not found any yet, but would like to start one. How is it that Callandor could discern Rand as the Dragon? is there something supremely significant to his thread that AoL AS could have picked his thread out even after his death to seal away Callandor? Or is it a much momre simple process than that, albeit slightly more dangerous. My theory is that the Eye of the World was linked to the warding around Callandor. Rand drew the last of the power that was in the Eye, and than when he is near Callandor it pulses oddly. it does not do this any other time, but pulses specifically in proximity with Rand. The Eye was set as a precaution, to protect the world against a great danger, what if the great danger was that of the forsaken holding/wielding Callandor. When rand holds Callandor he can see the dark threads that tie baalzamon to the Dark one, He cn see the same threads when connected to the Eye, but no other time can he see these threads. Even when severing asmodeans connection he cannot see them, he can only imagine where they are at and strike at the essence he thinks should be there. However he can actually see the threads when connected to either callandor or the Eye. I think there is a definate connectiond between the two objects of the power, and that the Eye was a method of determining who the Dragon is.
  6. I will cry when it is all finished... my favorite series ever, and the only forum I have ever been a member of. i guess it will be back to facebook and the pointless games thereon.
  7. so if winston churchill told you that he had fought big foot and extra terrestrials in northern europe many times would you believe him or would you think he had gone loony?
  8. Maybe he got an exact timeline, and now knows that unless he acts in thirty days, demandred will march in behind and attack, wheras if he goes too early, demandred can just gate straight to SG and be there to block him. it requires precise timing to avoid the pincer that the shadow has been planning for 6 books now.
  9. i think i saw it on one of the threads that was talking about why male channelers couldnt be compelled with the warder bond, I may also be completely wrong. I am sorry if I am, that was just my reason for discontinuing the belief of the egwene was compelled theory. i was actually one of the first on the band wagon for the theory originally.
  10. i would love to see some post TOG mat pictures but as for the ones posted here... i like polly's best. it gives us the not so much trickster side as the general who just fought his way through the entire seanchan army version of mat. the one the rumors all talk about in caemlyn.
  11. yes cause the only threat egwene ever had was the from the bloodknives. TG will be less trying for her than telling rhuarc she lied....wait she hasnt done that yet. :)
  12. it is brought up in other places as well, i think, if i remember correctly hopper comments on it to perrin as well. the wise ones discuss it with egwene, nyn and elayne talk about it while in the menagerie, it is well documented. it might also be in the BWB, nut I am not sure. Anyways, the main difference is that perrin was trying to believe a lie. whereas egwene simply imagined bela, she also imagined that bela could run like the wind and everything else, it isnt really golem territory to say so, it is the laws of TAR, bela vanished when egwene was gone, she didnt stay because egwene didnt stay, hopper wouldnt come because he was finished, dead, gone until the wheel started over and gave him a new thread in the tapestry.
  13. and in the process drain egwene instead? that will solve that problem J/K.
  14. it also kinda fits with him having used a sword that was described as red fire. where now he carries callandor which i would imagine have a more blueish greenish tint since it is made of crystal.
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