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Mafia Addicts Anonymous


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In honor of the newest wave of mafia addicts, I would like to revive our Mafia Addicts Anonymous intervention tradition. :rolleyes:


First step: Admit that you have a problem.


Let us begin. I would like to have everyone introduce themselves, and follow step 1.





My name is Adella, and I am addicted to mafia.

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Hi, I don't have a name, but if I did, it would be _____________.


So far, I am only addicted to mafi. I am holding out on the a.


Talya: I could do one, but it'd have about 25 players. Is that all right? I have it pretty much set up I think. I'd need to revisit it and make some edits + organizationers.

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Hi. My name is Meesh, and I'm like Talya. Not quite an addict, because I don't have time to be... but I still sign up whenever I see a game and I have the time... I LOVE MAFIA THOUGH!


I love modding games, but I stink at actually creating/balancing games. If someone gives me a pre-made setup, I can take it from there, though. I'm quite a dedicated mod. So if anyone has a game they really want to run but don't have time to mod or don't want to, my PM box is open! >.>



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I so want to sign up for a game, but I really need to get some stuff at the BT sorted out, and I'm doing my game...soon...soon....*starts to twitch violently*


Oh and who fancies Modding a game in the BT...


I still want to do my "Remember the Oldies" mafia game (That I have stated in the "Mafia Mod game List" Thread.


Oh and I am NOT a mafia addict, but I love being a mod when I have time :D

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AJ, I’m really impressed! Though I do have a huge spreadsheet for the Christmas one…and have the old ones I’ve done, with all the relevant Word docs that I make up before I start Modding.



Locke, you can do that one if you wish…I wouldn’t normally go for such a large one, but hey, I’m in a good mood.



TMD, you can do the next one if you like, it should be good fun, if it can be smaller that is.



Meesh, I will think of something for you if you like and then you can Mod it!





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Oooooo, Talya, that would be spectacular, if you have the time to do that! ♥♥♥♥ LOTSA HEARTS TO YOU, MY LOVE! :laugh:


I was reminded by people talking about being mafia....


I can't say how many times I've been mafia, I've played too many games, but I can say I like being on a team better than being on my own, and I excel at being mafioso, in general. Mostly it's the teammates thing.


Of course, that includes any type of teammates. I was in a group of miller-masons once, no lie, that was something. :laugh: No one believed us when we went ahead and revealed ourselves. We had to throw a teammate under the bus to get people to believe us. Small wonder. :biggrin:


Anyway, I have more fun as mafia, I have to admit. I don't know why. :laugh:

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I was on that team, Meesh! Crazy times.


Hi, I'm Lily and I'm a mafia addict, desperately needing a new fix. I'm only still alive in one game. One game!


And oddly, I enjoy being town more than mafia. I think it's because I had such a long stretch as mafia in every game.

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Same here Lily, I'm only alive in one game! And I'm probably going to get killed in that one soon, so then I won't have any games. I've already started tweaking out a little bit. It's not enough mafia for me right now *pouts and twitches*


I personally love being mafia. I love the deviousness of it and lying and basically the awesomeness of it. Though if I have a cool power I like to be town, but I don't like being vanilla.

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Yeah people always go for the experienced players to NK. My last game I think I actually did very well manipulating the Town, and got pretty far, when all of a sudden Red straight calls me on everything I did the whole game, and everyone realized she was right and I was lynched in a few minutes.

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I prefer to be Town, but if I'm mafia, I want it to be in a large game where there's more than one mafia team so I can act like I'm Town. I'm kinda of like Al Jenn in that I hate outright lying...>.>


Kay Meesh, if you're grumpy then I'll know you're innocent, but if you're ENJOYING yourself, then you absolutely must be scum! *nod-nods*.... :laugh:

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