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*Warning, the following Contains lots of Graphic Language, and should not be considered safe for Work, School, or around anyone under the age of 12, and those without a sense of humor.*



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I bought Halo:Reach and FIFA 11, and Starcraft 2 in the past few months, and I am a massive fanboy of all three of those games, and minecraft came along and blew me out of the water. Me and two mates play the rather sketchy multiplayer (not the online) and it is the best thing ever. The sheer organic-ness of the game is awesome, just to look over and see "Oh, my mate is building a giant treehouse by planting tree's within tree's" and then think "It will be but a shadow of it's former glory as it stands next to my glass lava pyramid of doom!"




And then there's the creepers...

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I thoguth it was kinda lame to play on Peaceful. Until I switched to a new map, where it was almost impossible to find coal. Took me two minecraft days to find any, and when a zombie spawned right next to me in my little shelter, I gave up.


So now I play in hippy.mode, planting trees in a world without beastiesbiggrin.gif

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Creepers have four legs, not two :P


Peaceful would bore me to tears. I'm looking forward to finding out the actual 'purpose' of the game, when it's eventually built in, but I seriously don't need it! Fortifying my awesome achievments from skeletons and spiders (which can now climb walls! Damn notch!) is enough to maintain my interest...

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Never though i'd see Maj addicted to the MineCraft.


Just as an aside, I have come up with a very fast method of Mining... However, it requires a metric shit ton of TNT.


First, build a platform probably over a hole you've already dug.

On that Platform made preferably out of glass, Make 4 holes in it. Preferably not touching.


So figure have a Hole at the end of each point on an X, so theres a space between each, and the center. If you spread it out a little further, it might work even better.


But the sytem is simple.


You plop TNT into the holes.

Hit one tnt, let it drop, count to about 5. Hit the next, and the next, and the next.


Repeat the plopping, and the whopping through about 30 blocks of TNT.

IF done currectly, you should have hit bedrock.

once you hit bedrock, you have access to Lava, Massive amounts of coal, Obsidian, Red Dust, Glow-Dust, and a bunch of other stuff.


If there were no huge caverns under it all, theres a possibility, due ot the '4 holes' that you now have a winding path going down it, or at least, an easier to make pathway. ;)


You may need about 2 metal picks to get all the way down, (creating your path back up as you go down) but once complete, it really is an efficient way at creating a very deep hole. :P


Obisidian btw, if you mine it, and make a door way from it, leaving an opening of 2x3 (so the actual door frame will be 4x5?) then use flint&steel on it, and now you have access to the underworld, hell, Detroit.

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I love the nether. I think the portal is like this:









Pigmen Zombies ftw. Get your cooked bacon on.



BTW Sinister that is the most destructive method I think I've ever heard of hahaha, I never thought I'd see open cut mining in minecraft. Usually I just pick a direction and dig, but that sounds way more fun.


Doesn't the TNT blow up the raw materials? I havn't used TNT much. I do like explosions though...

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