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  1. speaking of which. now that it has been clarified that she was wrong about that, i've wondered: what would actually happen in the Shadow got their hands on the Horn and used it? would the Heroes just not come at all, or would they start cutting up Trollocs anyway?
  2. it's not caused by either monkeys or the mole people. that leaves only th Dark One left with that kind of power
  3. well, that was caused the the Dark Ones influence. and since he's pretty much powerless at the time, it can be assumed that it stopped, along with the rotting food, ghosts and Bubbles of evil.
  4. not sure if it has been mentioned, but i see Fain as a classic Red Herring thing
  5. has there been much discussion on how and why Tel'aran'rhiod is breaking apart and what it means for the future and the Wolves and Heroes?
  6. though i have to wonder. if killing Rand isn't enough, Turning him by force isn't enough, and making him turn on his own isn't enough for the DO to win. what is?
  7. i have this idea. it seemed logical when i thought about it late at night, but now i'm not so sure. the idea is that Verin in all her knowledge and splendor, realized that Rand would probably survive (granted that he actually win) that would mean that Alanna would be able to track him, and she would use it. maybe not for evil, but it would be an annoyance to Rand when he just wanna live his life. so through the letter, Verin made sure that she got on a road to her eventual demise in order to free Rand from his fourth Warder bond. it's either that or just "kidnapped, lol"
  8. sure, it was no masterpiece but i liked it for what it was. the whole series has basically been a buildup to this fight. all important character developments have been dealt with. it's only the big war left. so of course it's gonna be a bit generic after a while with the constant focus on battle scenes and stuff like that. Mass Effect 3 had that problem too, but that doesn't make it bad for it, just different from the rest of it. it did what it supposed to do. it gave a proper ending to the story, and it gave me the chance to say goodbye to the characters. and that's all i ever asked for
  9. i finished last night, and i loved it. while the battle did drag on a bit, it sort of comes with the territory. the whole series has basically been just a preperation before the big battle, there's only the fight left, so of course that's gonna be the main focus. and with war comes death, i would have been surprised if most survived. however, some could have had a little better death scenes. But honestly, i think it would be better for Lan to just stay dead. he had the best death scene in the entire book, and then Rand reaches in and says "lolnope" and he's back up again?
  10. i just finished the book last night...or this morning to be precise. i just wanna say that i loved it manly tears were shed etc
  11. this got me wondering. do the Finns have any actual powers of their own, or are they just a warehouse of other peoples powers and items?
  12. the best i can think of is Amazon. that's where i ordered mine. EDIT: wait, you're saying you're traveling in Europe so you're asking for physical stores?
  13. Shouldn't you just be able to ship a copy over from Amazon.co.uk? I've ordered items from American websites with absolutely no trouble before, and even the P+P hasn't been too bad. you would think so, but looking at Amazon, i'm only finding the US cover with Rand and his sword EDIT: never mind. it worked by going to the UK amazon site instead
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