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Holiday Wish List


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Well, as we enter the final countdown towards the holidays, I've been thinking of all the things I want. It's the season of giving, right? So give to me!!


For the holidays, I would like Nae to buy me a Ferrari. I asked Verby for a Porche and I wont' tell you where he told me to go look for one, so I thought I'd have better luck with Nae. I'd also like Nae to change her hairstyle into a mohawk and apply some random piercings. I'd like Verby to don some clothes, and I would like Lily to perch on my windowsill and sing me lullabies to sleep every night. And so Moggy doesn't feel left out, I would like her to give me her secret access to all the pointses!!! I want everyone who has killed me in a mafia game to trip down a rather tall flight of stairs and lose control of their bodily functions on the way down.. and I'd like a video clip of that to host on Youtube. I've been absolutely begging Amadine to shave her legs, so if she'd do that for me for the holidays that would be fantastic. I would love for Red to come back and fall into more spider webs spun with digested Trolloc.. well, you don't need to know what the spiderwebs are made of do you? Suffice to say they are sticky. OOoh and I'd like the SS to win the faction race every month for an entire year. I'd like DPR to come and write an epic biography of my life, and I'd also like to be the DO just once, although I'd need a flashlight too because I'm afraid of the dark. I'd like Ed to come back so everyone has someone else to pick on besides me. And I'd like someone to complete all the GMT's I have left for me. I would love it if Limi would make a fantastic sig for me for every day of the year (because let's face it, I have a low attention span). I also think it would be fun if pandy came back so we could get him drunk (which shouldn't be too terribly difficult) and shave various patterns into his fur. I'd also like for this delirium I have developed from working around the clock this month to go away!!


So hopefully Santa will see this because I've been very, very, very very very, very good this year, and give me all the things I have asked for!! Barring that, please feel free to take up a collection so that you may acquire all of these things for me.


That's my wish list, what's yours??


(PS.. oh and I also want an iPad, a new computer, an xbox, and some fancy bling)


(PSS ... and some vodka)

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Who could compete with that?


And Lily-style lullabies would give you nightmares. Really.


I want one thing for Christmas from SG this year. Would somebody PLEASE write a GMT about me so I stop feeling too cool for those things? Oh, and we need them for our two new Chosens, too, but me first! Greedy, aren't I?

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I'd like Verby to don some clothes


So long as you don't make me wear any I am fine with that. I must admit, I found that hilarious even though I have no idea what most of that was about.


I'd need a flashlight too because I'm afraid of the dark.




I'd like Ed to come back so everyone has someone else to pick on besides me.


Next time people pick on you, feel free to point in my direction yelling, "THAT FROG IS NAKED!" and perhaps I can assist with this problem. It is fun to be picked on.


So hopefully Santa will see this


Oh trust me, he saw.





And as for the rest:










I also got you bling for your new computer and xbox







Have a merry Christmas and Happy New Year :D









*Passes Aust vodka under the table*




Who could compete with that?


No one. That's why I just tried to give him what he asked for.


Lily E, What is a GMT?


(Yay! It rhymed!)

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Ooooh. Sounds interesting. I will look into this and possibly do one for you since I am in a Christmasy mood :D


Never mind... my attention span is too short to figure that out at the moment... many apologies... :P

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I like this froggy! She has style! I definitely think points are in order... as soon as I figure out if I have points to give out (I think I do now? *runs off mad with power*). You know Naked Froggy, we have some really nice ponds over in the SS... and let's face it, clothes are completely optional in our particular faction!

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when i was little, i askeed santa for a t-rex for christmas.


i expected to come out of my bedroom on christmas day, look outside and see a massive t-rex-shaped present wrapped in wrapping paper and sealed with a bow. :dry:


needless to say, it didnt happen. :angry: stupid santa.

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  • Moderator

List Of 10 Things Verbal Wants For Christmas


1. Naked~Frog = Shadowspawn....Aust, make it happen.

2. A rubber horse.

3. Chrono to start posting again....whoa! This sh*t works!!!!

4. Chrono to be a Gholam if he promises to stick around.

5. Another rubber horse.

6. And a chicken.

7. Nyn to stop using ":P" on gtalk. Heh.

8. World peace. Nah...

9. Nae to have internet dammit.

10. A no pants rule.

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Here you go Aust... a blue ..um... ferrari you said? I already forgot.. that' what you got though cause it's the first one I could hotwire. >.>



Verbal... here I am. What were your other 9 wishes? -gives her mindtrap a big smooch on the forehead-


Aust... I am NOT shaving my head to a mohawk.

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Dear Great Lordaclause,


For Christmas, I want a war horse.

I need it to be intimidating, so could you make it blood-tinged bone, with a mane the color of arterial pulsing?


Ooh! and can it have pentacles in it's eyes, so that my enemies might see your evil?


And it needs to leave destruction in its wake, so that my enemies will know that it was there, staining the very land and skies in its footpath with a trail of prismatic destruction.


And It needs to be armed, so give it a sword on its head.




post-10974-0-78633500-1292789572_thumb.jpgIt will be called a Stabby pony.

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