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  1. That's so cool that the Yellow influence has followed you into your daily life. Or maybe that's just what brought you to the yellows ? It's wonderful the sense of family we all get from Dragonmount. Returning is like coming home
  2. For sure! And I can't wait until we learn more about Hoid!
  3. Imagine being the wizard who figures out how to efficiently combine magic with electronics! You'd be able to make the coolest stuff ever
  4. I worked for Brandon Sanderson and Harriot for the signing of the last Wheel of Time book. I was devastated to see everything come to an end. I've been on Dragonmount since I was 12 years old. This is my second profile made in 2010 with a post count of over 16,800. I guess I felt such a deep connection with the series and friends that I made on here that I was afraid the last book and end of the series would lead to an end to... All of it. I couldn't bring myself to read that last book. Which meant I had to avoid the fansites that had come to feel like home. Because there might be s
  5. What is a book or book series other than the Wheel of Time series you would like to live in and why?
  6. It is weird hearing the names swapped isnt it? It’s interesting how time has changed... there isnt enough time in the time line to account for it all. When i worked for him at a signing someone asked why that was and challenged him on it and he was impressed. He told them they were the first to catch it. That really made me wonder
  7. Very smart i always forget what i have and what i just think i have until i get home
  8. Hello Wildfire! I missed you ?

    1. Wildfire Sedai

      Wildfire Sedai

      Hello Naked~Frog: I have missed you too.  Long time no see.  :wub: 

  9. Since this is the Red Ajah I just thought I’d pop by and see what you guys are most passionate about ❤️ I’m most passionate about my cat’s kitten right now. She only had one and he is just the cutest ? What are your passions?
  10. Happy Birthday! I hope it was the best one yet ?
  11. What does the Yellow Ajah mean to you? Both as a member or visitor? Book vs Dragonmount?
  12. Hey Aiel Heart I love you!

  13. Myself as Nyneave al'Meara, I've been campaigning on my twitter @Kaitlingulstad. This is me and Zane (For Rand) fighting a Trolloc together: What do you guys think?
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