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  1. Hmm, was a member of these forums back when I was in high school and college. So maybe 11-14 years ago. Was with the DRPSW.org forums as Raolin Darksbane but was Davian here. Had a BT character named Demetrius Schezar not sure what happened to the bio. Did some RPing with Chris(?) in Age of Legends. And was a mod for a discussion forum for like a month lol. You guys still do the Empys? I made friends here that I still keep in touch with. Heard the WoT series was picked up by a studio and started rereading EotW so naturally... came back here to.see what's up! Hello!
  2. Its Thursday... the curiosity of what this movie is is tearing me apart :x What is it!? lol
  3. I also recommend the Dragonlance Chronicles by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Its pretty funny at times but overall its very sad... if you don't like sad books, Dragonlance isn't for you lol :D
  4. *walks in innocently* Hmmm... whats happening in here?...
  5. OMG! LOOK OVER THERE!!! *points*
  6. Dude, I absolutely LOVED Army of Darkness, but you guys are right, it really is cheesy and campy lol. You HAVE to love it. Someone else mentioned Ghostbusters!! "I am the Keymaster. Are you the Gatekeeper?" And Sinbad fits in this character perfectly, lol. What about Return To The Blue Lagoon? ;)
  7. OMFG, ITS ON THE TIP OF MY TONGUE!!! WTFFFFF THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!! lol... Omfg... Come on... I know this... I KNOW THIS!!...
  8. Damn it Empy... we were on a roll too! You just HAD to bust out the advanced quotes didn't you ;)
  9. BRAVEHEART! WHEN HIS DAD DIES! I wish I could quit you!!!!
  10. The Chronicles of Riddick!!! I watched it a billion times when it first came out O.o Its the scene where he first meets up with Jack! :D (And OMFG I LOVE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD!) Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father: prepare to die. (sort of a giveaway but I love this quote lol)
  11. Kathana isn't loved! She's idolized!!! (lol) *sprinkles herbs on her miniature Kathana made of brass and chants* OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! *sits on Kathana's lap and asks for popularity sponsored by Her Gracious Majesty* :) ;)
  12. *comes back from the dead and eats Boyd* RAWR!!!
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