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  1. Nevermind that was Niamh*... were you Mistress of Novices? And now I remember it was called DMPSW.com... thats where I was most active. The forums didn't crash there lol. We also created an RP sister forum called MirrorsOfTheWheel.com for a little while with Kevin and a few others.
  2. @Arie were you the WT Amyrlin back in the day? And lots of folks wont remember me because I lurked alot and went on tons of LOAs lol
  3. Not sure why im not getting notifications sorry it took over a year to respond lmao. This siggy looks amazing @Naked~Frog!! Thank youuuu @Taymist thanks I'd love to rejoin an RP. I was a part of the Dumai's Wells RP on DRPSW over 15 years ago lol. Time flies and I don't remember the stories. The glory days here were amazing. The internet grew up while we were telling stories here. We used to have a chat too! I miss those days as a young man in these forums. Will try to log in more often. Thanks 🙂
  4. Hmm, was a member of these forums back when I was in high school and college. So maybe 11-14 years ago. Was with the DRPSW.org forums as Raolin Darksbane but was Davian here. Had a BT character named Demetrius Schezar not sure what happened to the bio. Did some RPing with Chris(?) in Age of Legends. And was a mod for a discussion forum for like a month lol. You guys still do the Empys? I made friends here that I still keep in touch with. Heard the WoT series was picked up by a studio and started rereading EotW so naturally... came back here to.see what's up! Hello!
  5. I also recommend the Dragonlance Chronicles by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Its pretty funny at times but overall its very sad... if you don't like sad books, Dragonlance isn't for you lol :D
  6. Kathana isn't loved! She's idolized!!! (lol) *sprinkles herbs on her miniature Kathana made of brass and chants* OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! *sits on Kathana's lap and asks for popularity sponsored by Her Gracious Majesty* :) ;)
  7. *SPOILERS SPOILERS* ---- --- --- ------ -------- ------------ Rand stabbed Ba'alzamon with it and it melted down to the hilt and left his hand with one of the two Heron marks on his palms that he was destined to have. After that he uses the firesword, then uses Callandor for a bit. But now he uses Laman's sword and exchanged its jeweled hilt for a regular one.
  8. *bites Barmy's hands off, thereby making him Barmy the Handless*
  9. *scowls at Barmy when he releases Egwene from his clutches* Noooo! Foiled!!! :evil: *angrily scowls at Barmy when he releases Shalon from his clutches* Noooo! Foiled again!!! :evil: *runs away from Egwene's sharp claws and whimpers* :shock:
  10. *takes advantage of Egwene seeing as she is now gagged and tied* Bwahahahahahaha!! :twisted: *pause* Wait a minute! *adds Shalon to his collection* Bwahahahahaha!!! :twisted:
  11. O.O.C. Dude... thanks man. :) My hero :D lol, My character is so hard to play now because I've been on LoA so long. I want to catch up with people! I.C. Some of the sounds of distant training ceased and Demetrius heard a man sit next to him. He only shuffled in his stone seat to make himself comfortable and continued to look at the dust that had settled on the ground. "It's just one of those mornings isn't it..." "Looks like it." Demetrius said in a very bland, bored voice. He looked up and noticed the Dragon Pin on the man's collar immediately and the face before him drew up silen
  12. O.O.C. COME ON!!! SOMEONE!!! Any ideas on how to make this RP more open to everyone? Anything that anyone wants me to add? Give me a heads up, I'm really in the mood for a roleplay :D
  13. *reverses the tables on Egwene instead and kidnaps her* :twisted:
  14. *bumps* I looked at this a little while ago and I can remember all the frustrations the RP people had to go through when DM was crashing every other day and the RP had to move to the emergency temp boards and then to DMPSW.com, that place almost felt like home until DM 7.0 finally came up. I can remember the staff tripping out when DM 6.0 used to time out and many people blamed them even though they had nothing to do with it. Its small things like having one forum and having very patient leaders that we take for granted alot. The fact that Community and RP sides are together really ma
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